Shows I Binged While on Break


Image via pixabay

Aubrie Sandoval, Writer

Merry late Holidays! I don’t know about you guys, but this whole break didn’t feel much like a Holiday break at all, and that could be for a plethora of reasons. Everyone’s been through a lot the last year. In order to feel a little distracted, I watched a lot of TV. A concerning amount, I’m not even going to lie. I do want to give a little warning and say that there will be spoilers for various shows, read at your own expense. 

The first show I binged wasn’t actually a show but the newest Halloween movie. Let me just tell you, I was super salty when Michael didn’t die from being stabbed in the back of the neck. Really messed me up. The movie could also be classified as a filler content moment. I assume they’re just trying to give us something cool to look at while we wait for the last installment of the Halloween series. This movie will take all my money, and I won’t complain because fair enough. Another thing, if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about when Laurie and the cop dude were talking about Michael not dying because the murders made him untouchable? Chills. Right up my spine. Creepy crawlies all around. We stan though, great moments happening. 

The second thing I watched a lot is Supernatural. I actually haven’t seen a lot of the show but I’ve heard so many spoilers. I will forever be upset that it was a nail that brought the end of the show to us. Literally, just throw me in the ocean and put me out of my misery. Another thing that is upsetting, for probably most of the fanbase, is the way that John Winchester treated Dean. When I started the show, I didn’t anticipate that John would end up being THAT bad. It’s definitely a big oof moment. With everything else that happens in the show, (TW: brief mention of physical violence), Dean being physically beaten isn’t that surprising. Especially given that if we really think about it, the way John is portrayed makes him exude physically and emotionally abusive vibes. We don’t stan that. 

The third show I binged was Cobra Kai. Oh my, the new season was pretty good. I have a lot of gripes. Mostly about the treatment of Eli or Hawk or whatever he may or may not call himself at any given moment. I might as well just systematically go down my list and complain like the real whiner I am. I think one of the things I will forever be upset about is that before Eli became Hawk and he was still being bullied, Sam was technically someone that bullied him for what I believe is a short time, and then is never spoken about. She lectures him and calls him a bully, which she is correct, but never apologizes for the hand she had in his own ridicule and abuse from peers. The second thing isn’t too much of a complaint and more of an observation, but the show does a decent job of showing how bullying and the words of other people sink beneath the surface of some people and can make them bitter, and when they find the power they release all of the bitterness at once and we see those really sweet, nice kids become the bullies. When you have no fear or really any emotion except for anger, it can make you a dangerous individual to be around, because all you want to do is get back at people and lash out. Cobra Kai was actually really good and I enjoyed the storylines and pieces of it that came together to reflect the previous seasons, while also setting up a springboard for the next season. That last episode was intense and I stand by it. 

While watching these shows, I felt a little better about how the break didn’t feel holiday-y. I think when people watch TV or read or do something they enjoy, they go to a place that feels less real, which makes them relax and chill out. I don’t know, all I know is that I enjoyed all 3 of the shows and that I 100% recommend watching them. Have a great transition into the rest of the school year folks.