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The Feminine Influence of Rupi Kaur

The Feminine Influence of Rupi Kaur

Ava Barnes September 29, 2023

  Link To Image Punjabi-Sikh poet Rupi Kaur has come a long way on a powerful journey. From rising to popularity on Instagram by sharing her poems to being named Writer of the Decade by the...

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How Christmas is Celebrated in Mexico

Hayley Reyes Leon December 7, 2022

Mexican culture has a lot of beautiful traditions throughout the holidays from the food to the events, to the beautiful decorations. Some major highlights Mexico does are posadas, fireworks, Christmas...

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Tarana Burke; Pioneer of Feminism

Kaeden Wise October 17, 2022

As an activist, community organizer, and executive, Tarana Burke made a huge impact on today's society as we know it. She is known for the creation of the #MeToo movement; the hashtag has been used more...

History of Feminism

History of Feminism

Kaeden Wise September 30, 2022

Feminism has a long and challenging history. French philosopher Charles Fourier coined the term feminism in 1837. The first attempt to organize a women’s rights movement was around July 1848 in Seneca...

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Heritage Edition – Tales & Legends (Hispanic Heritage)

Leslie Garcia, Writer June 8, 2022

Have you ever heard of La Llorona? One of the most famous legends heard in Mexico is about La Llorona.  La Llorona is a weeping woman, a version of a ghost who is not dead but is also not alive. She weeps...

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Heritage Edition – Tradiciones Mexicanas

Jocelyn Ornelas Lopez, Writer June 8, 2022

   Cada cultura tiene sus diferentes tradiciones. En la cultura hispana, hay diferentes tradiciones que hacemos. Puede ser tradiciones pequeñas o unas tradiciones que una gran mayoría de la...

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Heritage Edition – Spain’s Festivals

Belen Garcia, Writer June 8, 2022

Spain is well known for its good weather, beaches, and gastronomy. Something that also stands out a lot is the atmosphere of its cities every time there is a holiday, no matter if it is national, regional,...

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Heritage Edition – Our Cultural Dilemma

Raquel Gonzalez Lopez, Writer June 8, 2022

We’ve gathered history dating all the way back to 3.3 million years ago to the present time. It’s undeniable that history created who we are today. Unfortunately, most of our ancestors' existence goes...

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Heritage Edition – Cinco de Mayo

Zanderlynn Almendra, Writer June 8, 2022

Traditions are celebrated all over the world. In America, the 4th of July is celebrated. In Scotland, a big tradition is dancing and eating while telling stories (“What Are Scottish Traditions?”)....

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Heritage Edition – Holiday Traditions Around the World

Cadynce Harmon, Writer June 8, 2022

We’ve all heard of that one man in a red suit who flies around on Christmas Eve night and delivers presents to every boy and girl around the globe. Well, that’s our tradition. Traditions are in place...

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Heritage Edition – The Day of the Dead

Litzy Gonzlaez Rosas, Writer June 8, 2022

We all heard about the Day of the Dead and some of us even celebrate the  Day of the Dead ( The Day of the Dead is a global holiday and tradition for the hispanic community. The Day of the...

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Change Edition – Showing Your True Colors

Grace Shaw, Writer March 2, 2022

Acceptance and change; these two things cause so much stress, pressure, and learning. With change comes acceptance, you need to accept the change for it to happen, or else you are in this weird spot in...

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