Letter From The Editor In Chief – First Edition


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Micaela Gaither, Editor-N-Chief

Dear Readers, 

The Forest Grove High School Newspaper, The Advocate, is back! Kicking off the first edition of the year with some really great articles! I am excited to embark on this new year of new normals, especially being back in person and being able to form better connections with editors and writers (from at least 3 feet away of course). We have a good team of editors and writers this year, most of them new to The Advocate, but excited nonetheless. 

I am personally excited for my first year as Editor In Chief, and to just finally be back in person for my Senior year. There are a lot of new rules and changes to the high school. Some teachers only have an idea of what we look like under the masks thanks to our school pictures and the social distancing is awkward, but I think we can all agree that it is better than the poor quality of Zoom calls. 

There are some exciting things coming back and being revived for The Advocate. This year I hope for AdviAnonymous to make a revival this year, and we are working on getting the Podcast back up and running.

I want to thank my awesome team of editors; Lucie Carriker, Rowan Kalhar, Gwen Woods, Lily Pliske, and Ella Taplin. I also want to thank the amazing, spectacular, and wonderful Ms. Nelson for being an awesome mentor and for helping me out so much. Lastly, I want to thank Lizzie Lohrer for being an amazing mentor, too, and helping me get a grasp on this Editor In Chief thing, and for laying the groundwork for an amazing system of editing and publishing. 

Peace out,

Micaela Gaither

Editor In Chief