Chanel Spring Summer 2022 Haute Couture Show


Image via Buro

Priscilla Solorio, Writer

It’s believed the first runway show took place in 1903, New York City. Runway shows are events organized by brands and designers made to show off upcoming collections for the new seasons. A show is typically invited only for upscale brands. People invited are people such as celebrities, stylists, models, and anyone else high up in the fashion world. They typically take an average of 5-20 minutes where the models walk through the stage or runway and model the clothing. 

Chanel is a very well-known fashion brand founded in 1910 in Paris, France by Coco Chanel. The Spring Summer 20222 Haute Couture show was on January 25th and took place in the Grand Palais. The Grand Palais Éphémère is a temporary exhibition hall in the Champ de Mars by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The show was opened by one of Chanel’s ambassadors Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi. She started the show by riding in on a horse wearing a black head-to-toe outfit.

This collection was designed by Vinrgine Viard, with the inspiration being The Equestrian World and the show’s set was designed by artist Xavier Veihan, who suggested a kind of garden, open structure with the vision that the whole set would be transparent, the room mainly composed of air. The set was described as “Electric ungraspable .and being extremely minimal and a bit mad”. It’s been said that Vinrgine Viard has a very strong need to work with people whom she likes, or has a strong connection with. This is why she decided to work with Sebastien Tellier, a music artist to perform during the show.

The show went great and looked incredible although many people found the Vinrgine Viard collection to be a little bit questionable comparing the collection to the much-loved spring ready-to-wear 2022 collection. Say things such as, “The brand has lost its touch” but aside from the public’s opinions some of my own personal favorites were look 8,9, and 44 out of the 47. 

Looking at number 8, a white cream long sleeve mini dress worn with black and white ballerina slipper-style heels modeled by Blesnya Minher. Look number 9 a pinkish peach long sleeve mini dress with light pink and red accents modeled by Loli Bahia. Lastly, number 45 is a white long dress mesh silk dress white a black bow, and a white feather modeled by Mathilde Henning.