2020-2021 Staff

Lizzie Lohrer

Editor in Chief

Lizzie Lohrer is a Senior at FGHS and is proud to be returning as the Editor in Chief of The Advocate this year. She is very passionate about writing, learning, and politics. When she's not writing, reading, or doing homework,...

Micaela Gaither

Series Editor

Micaela Gaither is a junior this year and the series editor for the Advocate. Writing and reading are her favorite hobbies, along with spending time with family, friends, and her cat, Salty. When given the opportunity, sh...

Joshua King

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Joshua King is a Senior at Forest Grove High School. He is passionate about the performing arts, spending much of his time making music. He strives to become an engineer in the future but wants to maintain his passion for the...

Jacob Kolb

Sports Editor

Jacob Kolb is a senior and is the sports editor for The Advocate for two consecutive years now working on his third. When he is away from school, he enjoys making YouTube videos for his gaming channel “RAW JJK." Jacob's goals are ...

Elanor Wilger

Feature and Opinion Editor

Elanor Wilger is a senior that plans to go on and study to be a drama teacher. She loves to be active in her community and is involved in ASB, the yearbook, as well as The Advocate. Despite the weird start to the year due to COVID-19,...

Amelie Verlinden

Resources Editor

Amelie Verlinden is a Senior who grew up in Forest Grove. She enjoys reading, horseback riding, and writing poems in her spare time. She loves her English classes as well as her dog, Conrad, who is a six-pound chihuahua....

Monique Rosas


Monique Rosas is a Junior who dreams of attending a university in New York City. She loves baking, taking care of her dogs, and hanging out with her mom. ...

Gabby Orr

Media Manager

Gabby Orr is a Senior at Forest Grove High School. She loves everything music from listening to creating. She hopes to have a career in the performing arts preferably as a music teacher or music therapist. As the oldest of 4 and...

Danielle Murray

Media Manager

Danielle Murray is a senior at Forest Grove High School. She is the youngest of three siblings and a proud owner of a rambunctious puppy as well as a mini Rex rabbit. She doesn’t know exactly what the future holds for her b...

Joselyn Gonzalez


Joselyn Gonzalez attends Forest Grove high school as a junior. Ahe adores her dog, is literally obsessed with watching Tik Tok’s, and likes red apples but not the green apples.

Alo Pineda


Alo Pineda is a Junior here at FGHS. Some of their favorite hobbies are shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army, listening to music, and being with nature. Their pronouns are THEY/THEM!

Tabitha Fitzgerald


Tabitha Fitzgerald is a Sophomore at Forest Grove High School. She enjoys rainy weather, working in theater, and eating good food.

Jelani Dupon


Jelani Dupon is a 10th grader who loves playing basketball, wants to play at the collegiate level, and loves the color red. ...

Nathan Beck


Nathan beck is a sophomore who likes cars and thinks rotary engines are underrated.

Hailey McVey


Hailey McVey is a sophomore who lives in Forest Grove with her dad and sister. She likes art, the outdoors, and binge-watching Netflix.

Stephanie Gonzalez Pineda


Stephanie Gonzalez Pineda is a typical 9th grader who likes to listen to music and write! Stephanie also likes to draw sometimes. She has one older sister and one younger brother. In the future, she wants to get a job at a cof...

Ailene Dominguez


Ailene Dominguez is a normal 9th grader. She loves to play soccer and her favorite team is America. She likes cooking and drawing. She lives with her family in Forest Grove and has a dog named Tito. She hopes to finis...

Lily Pliske


Lily Pliske lives in Gaston, OR. She loves to write and read, she also enjoys drawing and music. She just started high school as a ninth-grader and is kinda bummed we are not going to school but still excited for the year. She...

Chloe Hefner


Chloe Hefner is a sophomore from Forest Grove High School.  She plays volleyball for OJVA and Forest Grove.  Her favorite song is The Scientist by Coldplay.  Her favorite colors are orange and green!

Grace Hertel


Grace Hertel is a freshman at Forest Grove High School. She lives just outside Forest Grove with her seven siblings. She enjoys just about anything outside, especially hiking and camping. Her other favorite activities include spo...

Ellee Grove


Ellee Grove is a freshman at Forest Grove High School who loves writing and wants to be a journalist when she is older....

Alexa Moore


Alexa Moore is in 10th grade. She loves cats, painting, and strawberry tea.

Paige Everson


Paige Everson is a Freshman that loves to read and play soccer. She enjoys writing freely. She also has a dog named Mazie and a rabbit named Jinx.

Hank Nemeyer


Hank Nemeyer is a sophomore, he loves to have bonfires with his friends. After high school Hank wants to go into the United States Marine Corps to protect what he loves, his country, his community, his family, and his friends. He...

Andrew Golby


Andrew Golby is in 12th grade. His favorite class is Intro to business and Intro to Theater. He has a kitten named Kylo Ren and a bunch of other animals. He wants to open his own business in the future but doesn't know what kind...

Metzli Cervantes


Metzli Cervantes is a student at Forest Grove High School. She's a junior and lives in Forest Grove. Her favorite hobbies are journaling and listening to music. She has two sisters and one brother. In the future she wants to stud...

Bella Lewis


Bella Lewis is a 10th grader who loves to run for the Forest Grove Cross Country team, play her electric and acoustic guitars, draw, paint, go see Broadway musicals, watch movies, listen to music, and hopes to travel to as many ...