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Vanesa Garcia Vasquez

Vanesa Garcia is a junior at Forest Grove High School. In her free time, Vanesa likes to listen to music and draw, she likes to listen to music by Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey.


Alise Morency

Alise Morency is a sophomore who likes to play basketball and softball but also loves to read.


Stanley Shivley

Stanley Shivley is a Junior at Forest Grove High School. He likes watching horror movies, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. He has a cat named Beans, would love to go to the University of Oregon, and his family...


Ava Rapport

Ava Rapport is an editor of the Advocate and a junior at FGHS. She loves reading and writing and is an energetic, determined learner.


Ava Barnes

Ava Barnes is a Sophomore at Forest Grove High School. This is their first year as an editor for The Advocate. Outside of school, she's always listening to music, drawing, and hanging out with her friends.


Betzy Barboza

Betzy Barboza Sagrero is a sophomore who has 7 siblings and more than 10 pets. She likes to draw, paint and do anything that is a hands-on activity.


Molly Graham

Molly Graham is a sophomore whose interests include; ugly cars, welding, fireworks, punk shows, nature and boxing. I can play banjo and am in a band called civil disobedience.


Mitchell Sherman

Mitchell Sherman is a sophomore who lives with her grandparents, dogs, and other pets. Her hobbies include but are not limited to, crocheting, sewing, herbology, gardening, and baking.


Wendy Cruz

Wendy Cruz is a 9th grader here at fghs some of her hobbies are coloring and doing origami. Her goal for the future is that she works with children/babies as a pediatric nurse/CNA another goal she has is to buy her parents whatever...


Prisma Chavez

Prisma Chavez is in 10th grade and has just started her sophomore year. She likes music, art, and being with the people she loves.


Natalie Granda Mejia

Natalie Granda Mejia is a junior at Forest Grove High School. She enjoys listening to music and binge-watching movies series and TV shows.


Lucas Van Dyke

Lucas Van Dyke is an eleventh-grader at Forest Grove High School. He likes to play basketball and baseball. He has one dog.


Lucas Christopherson

Lucas Christopherson is an 11th grader at FGHS who has 2 dogs.


Imme Warner

Imme Warner is a freshman at Forest Grove High School. She likes hanging with friends, playing piano, and cooking.


Max Riddle

Max Riddle is a student who is a Sophomore at Forest Grove High School. He likes to listen to music and go outside with his friends a lot.


Juliet Weston

Juliet Weston is a sophomore at FGHS. She loves to read and play guitar. She plans on being a Lawyer in the future.


Kirki Kolehmainen

Kirsi Kolehmainen is a sophomore who likes to read, travel, and clean. Her favorite season is fall, she hopes to go to college in Vermont, and she has two older brothers.


Baylie Brown

Baylie Brown is a freshman at Forest Grove High School. She likes cheerleading, making jewelry and reading books.


Joanna Cazarez Real

Joanna Cazarez is a 9th grader who lives in Cornelius with her parents and her younger sister. She likes to travel to México, read, and watch her favorite show on Hulu.


Zachary Savage

Zachary Savage is a chess and writing student. He likes hardworking and wood splitting.


Jessica Aguilar-Resendiz

Jessica Aguilar-Resendiz is a student who lives in Cornelius Oregon. She likes to bake, listen to music and hang out with friends.


Kaeden Wise

Kaeden Wise is a sophomore in high school at Forest Grove High School. They have two cats, Olivia and Koda and two older siblings. Their goal is to be a social or health worker.


Pheobee King

Pheobee King is a senior in high school. She likes creative writing, has 15 cats, and can do the splits.


Dakota Sanchez

Dakota Sanchez is a student who lives in Forest Grove. She enjoys playing softball, soccer, and volleyball. She spends the majority of her time in nature and hanging out with friends.

Lily Pliske

Lily Pliske is a senior in high school, and just became the head editor for the Advocate! She has curly hair and loves nature. Her dream after high school is to pursue cosmetology, and overall focus on living a life that makes...

Tosh Gauger

Tosh Gauger is a Sophomore who attends Forest Grove High School. He exhibits interest in writing and finds it to be unique and fun. His favorite class is usually something that has to do with Science. In his family, he has only...


Rachel Ehly

Rachel Ehly is a senior at Forest Grove High School and the co-editor-in-chief for The Advocate this year. She enjoys reading, listening to music and researching useless information. She hopes to study Journalism & Media Communications...

Gyselle Nieto-Zavala

Gyselle Nieto is a 10th-grade student who goes to Forest Grove High School. She loves drawing, listening to music, and playing video games. She also has two guinea pigs; named Rosie and Oreo. Her goal after high school is to create...

Grace Shaw

Grace Shaw is a senior, who enjoys writing and also enjoys nature. She plans to go to college and study journalism and ceramics. She has one dog who she loves very much. She also loves to take care of her many plants.

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