2019-2020 Staff

Lizzie Lohrer

Editor in Chief

Lizzie Lohrer is a Junior and the Editor in Chief of The Advocate. She is very passionate about writing and learning and believes strongly in equal rights and respect for everybody. When she's not writing, reading, or doing homework,...

Jacob Kolb

Sports Editor

Jacob Kolb is an 11th Grader and is responsible for the Sports Section of The Advocate. Classes Jacob likes to take include Yearbook, Journalism, and American Studies. In spare time, Jacob likes to go to Taco Bell, travel, play...

Micaela Gaither

Series Editor

Micaela Gaither is a Sophomore at Forest Grove High School and the Series Editor for the Advocate. One of her favorite classes is English, and she enjoys writing and reading. Her family is quite big and consists of 8 kids in...

Joshua King

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Joshua King is a Junior at Forest Grove High School. He is passionate about music, physical arts, and the performing arts. In the future, Joshua strives to become an engineer while maintaining an intensely burning passion for...

Amelie Verlinden


Amelie Verlinden is a Junior at Forest Grove High School and an editor of The Advocate. Her favorite classes are Journalism and Psychology, and she has two pets. She aspires to go to college and work in the mental health field...

Rain Wiggins

News Editor

Rain Wiggins is a Senior at Forest Grove High School.  Her favorite classes include Journalism, Shakespeare Seminar, and Clay Arts. She has a love for animals and women. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family! ...

Thong Nguyen

Feature and Opinion Editor

Thong Nguyen is a sophomore and a section editor for The Advocate. He loves English and History. He also plans to stay in Journalism as long as he's here at FGHS.  ...

Dulce Solis Hernandez

Feature and Opinion Editor

Dulce Solis Hernandez, a sophomore, enjoys her journalism class because she gets the chance to voice her opinion and write passionately about controversial topics. Her hobbies consist of listening to music, watching YouTube videos...

Isabella Neufer

News Editor

Isabella Neufer is a Senior at FGHS. She is the Editor of the News section of The Advocate. She loves choir classes, English classes, and writing classes. Her favorite things to do in her free time is writing, reading, listening...

Jennifer Campos


Jennifer Campos is a sophomore and some of her favorite classes are Basic Design, Biology, and Journalism. She enjoys painting and drawing. She wishes everyone a good school year! ...

David Tecum


David Tecum's favorite class is Journalism. His favorite things to do are to play soccer and hang out with friends. He lives with his parents and his four siblings. His goals and aspirations are to get a job somewhere in soccer.

Alondra Pineda


Alondra Pineda is a Sophomore who enjoys her classes Journalism and AVID. Her favorite things to do is to paint and go shopping. She also has a dog named, Oli, who she loves very much.

Gwendolyn Woods


Gwendolyn woods is a 9th grader who enjoys writing and listening to music. She has an older sister, two dogs, and two cats! She would love to be a writer of some sorts in the future. She will be playing lacrosse this year. She...

Jaycob Davis


Jaycob Davis is a sophomore who enjoys world studies and photography. His goals and aspirations are to become a photographer and/or writer. His top accomplishments are passing creative writing with an A.

Mikaela Conway


Mikaela Conway is a 10th grader whose favorite class is Honors English. Mikaela loves to spend her time reading and writing. She also sings in a choir group at her church on Wednesday nights. Mikaela has three little sisters Aliyah...

Joselyn Gonzalez


Joselyn Gonzalez is a 10th grader. Her favorite class this school year will probably be weight training. She also owns a dog named Chiko who she adores and loves. Joselyn’s favorite thing to do is hang out with her dog and eat...

Matthew Lowther


Matthew Lowther is in 9th grade. His pets are two dogs, two cats, and a hedgehog. Matthews hobbies are swimming, music, and eating. He used to be afraid of ceiling fans. ...

Anna Hansen


Anna Hansen is a 9th grader at Forest Grove High School, who enjoys running Cross Country and Track.  Some of her favorite classes are Journalism, Basic Design, and English.  One of her top goals in life is to visit every country...

Joslynn Fettig


Joslynn Fettig is a Junior at Forest Grove Highschool. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and also loves listening to music. She plays lacrosse and this year will be her second year. Her goal is to work towards a...

Seamus Robison


Seamus Robison is a senior who enjoys any courses that provide him with sufficient challenge. He does cross country during the fall, track in the spring, and acts in the winter.  His current goals are to get into the Oregon Institute...

Aubrie Sandoval


Aubrie Sandoval is a 10th grader who enjoys reading and writing. She’s a very passionate student who is very goal orientated. Her main goal is to encourage change.

Jelani Dupon


Jelani’s favorite hobbies are running for track, writing poetry, and making music. He really likes his English and Spanish classes. He has a dachshund named Meisha. She’s seven years old and she loves to play around....

Jess Winkler


Jess Winkler is a 15-year-old sophomore. She is passionate about science and history, which she hopes to continue to follow after high school. She is part of the Forest Grove shooting team and competes in the cowboy action shooting...

Arlenne Olvera Arreola


Arlenne Olvera Arreola is a Freshman. Ahe is new to Journalism and The Advocate. Arlenne is neither a dog or a cat person because she has both. She plays soccer for the school. She has a pretty big family and has one older br...

Morgan Cottrill


Morgan loves to take dance and her favorite class is English. She has an older brother but also has a twin brother. She loves her cats and hanging out with friends as well. ...

Savanah Amaya


Savanah Amaya is a sophomore at Forest Grove High School. One of her favorite classes is English. She has three dogs and a cat, which can be a hassle. During her free time, she likes to hang out with friends.

Cody Martinez


Cody Martinez is a junior at Forest Grove High School. Cody's favorite class is biology and something he likes to do is hang out with friends and family. He has 3 dogs and 1 cat. One of his goals is to graduate high school and...

Ella Largent


Ella Largent is a freshman. Ella also is in the school;s amazingly fun band and plays percussion and the quirky oboe. She has 2 younger siblings and is the first child in her family to be in high school.  Ella hopes that in her...

Nathan Beck


Nathan is 14 and grew up in Gaston, Oregon. For fun, he rides freestyle BMX, Motocross, and Wrestles for FGHS. Nathan has two dogs, an English Bulldog, and a Bullmastiff Rottweiler mix.