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Turistas Irrespetuosas en Mazatlán

Turistas Irrespetuosas en Mazatlán

Joanna Cazarez Real, Writer June 6, 2024

Mazatlán, una ciudad maravillosa en México que es conocida por atraer turistas. Tiene varios lugares para la diversión; las hermosas playas, tiene muchos de los mejores hoteles y restaurantes, y es...

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest

Wendy Cruz October 15, 2023

Link To Image The Amazon Rainforest is located in South America and is the largest tropical forest on Earth, spanning eight developing countries, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname,...

Image via Getty Images

Koala Haven in the Making: Australian Logging Bans

Mitchell Sherman September 29, 2023

Australian officials have been working to start a ‘Koala Haven’ where koalas can live in harmony without the chance of their homes being destroyed by logging companies. Out of 750,000 acres of land,...

Image via NBC News

More News

Leslie Garcia, Writer June 10, 2022

Baby formula shortage As of May, there has been a baby formula shortage happening all around the United States. What does that mean? This means that most stores have been out of stock of formula and...

Image via Reddit

Russia & Ukraine News

Leslie Garcia, Writer March 14, 2022

What is happening? According to Wikipedia, Russia and Ukraine are in a state of war. This all began in 2014, known as the Russo-Ukrainian war, which followed the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine...

Image via NASA

Flash News On Current Climate Change

Leslie Garcia, Writer October 9, 2021

What is Happening at This Moment? According to, at this moment we are seeing the effects of an increase in temperatures around the globe, including many glaciers and snowpacks starting...

(Image via EarthSky)

The First All-Female Spacewalk

Joselyn Gonzalez, Writer October 29, 2019

  For about half a century, women have completed spacewalks before, but every time they have been accompanied by men. Earlier this year, on March 29, an all-female spacewalk was going to take place....

(Image via AP News)

Gun Violence in Puerto Rico

Jelani Dupon, Writer October 29, 2019

On Monday, October 14th in a San Juan housing project in the neighborhood of Rio Piedra, there was a mass shooting that left six people dead and followed a shooting a day earlier in Guaynabo that killed...

(Image via KTAR News)

Flash Floods

Daniela Ortiz, Writer October 13, 2019

This past year there has been a lot of chaos around the country and the world weather-wise. Flash floods are currently taking over some places around the country and other regions all over the world. Flash...

(Image via Fox Business)

The Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

Jelani Dupon, Writer September 29, 2019

The Bahamas don’t have great luck with storms, with a direct sweep through the island every 4 years, and a warning of a hurricane almost every single year. Hurricanes hit The Bahamas frequently, and...

(Image via The Washington Post)

The Effects of Hurricane Dorian

Savanah Amaya, Writer September 29, 2019

Hurricane Dorian developed on August 24th, 2019 over the Central Atlantic and by September 1st, 2019 it hit the Bahamas, causing the death of 51 people and counting, along with the destruction of many...

(Image via ABC News)

American Tourist Kidnapped and Held For Ransom

Jalie Blix, Writer April 15, 2019

We all have our dream travel destinations; where we want to go, and what we would like to see there. However, for Kimberly Sue Endicott, her dream vacation was turned into a nightmare. Endicott had always...

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