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  • Sept. 15th 2021 - Cross Country @ Glencoe
  • Sept. 18th 2021 - Varsity Football @ 4pm
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The Day of The Dead
Belen Garcia, Writer • October 25, 2021

Halloween is probably one of the most famous holidays in the world, with a very diverse past filled with...

Image via Wired
Coraline Conspiracy
Cadynce Harmon, Writer • October 25, 2021

It’s spooky season yet again, and for many people that means it's time to watch spooky movies. There...

Image via IStock
Why the Hype About Fall?
Kadence Warner, Writer • October 25, 2021

That time is here! It’s finally fall! I personally really enjoy fall, but I know people who LOVE fall....

Image via The Ghost in my Machine
Killing Fea Part 1
Raquel Gonzalez Lopez, Writer • October 25, 2021

Walter Have you ever felt as if your life wasn’t real? That everything was simply a dream? Well,...

Image via Unsplash
Nice Zombie . . . ? Pt. 1
Ava Rapport, Writer • October 25, 2021

The day began as usual, with me keeping watch while Jamie lay asleep on the floor, bright red hair poking...

Image via HistoryHit
Henry VIII’s Life: The King of England Who Had Six Wives
Lauren Kramer, Writer • October 25, 2021

Henry Tudor, also known as Henry VIII, was born on June 28, 1491, in the Greenwich Palace in London,...

Dia de los Muertos
Dia de los Muertos
Jocelyn Ornelas Lopez, Writer • October 25, 2021

En los Estados Unidos se celebra el Halloween. Pero en México se celebra el Día de los Muertos. El...

Image via The Old Farmers Almanac
The Daisy in the Asters
Micaela Gaither, Editor-N-Chief • October 25, 2021

The sun’s rays fell upon her face giving her a halo. She was laying in a field of purple asters, her...

Image via Rowan Kalhar
Rowan Kalhar, Writer • October 25, 2021

I know it’s a weird question But what laundry soap do you use? Cause I washed my duvet today And...

Image via BBC
Where Did The Traditions of Halloween Start?
October 25, 2021

Why do we dress up for Halloween? Why do we carve pumpkins and then light candles inside of them? Our...

Image via Wikipedia
A Look Into Pink Moon By Nick Drake
Gwendolyn Woods, Editor • October 25, 2021

One person, one guitar, amazing lyrics, is what makes up Pink Moon by Nick Drake. The soothing, heart-wrenching...

Image via Lyrics Translate
Inside The Life Of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
Isabel Avalos, Writer • October 25, 2021

Adam McIlwee, professionally known as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, is an American singer-songwriter and...

Image via No Wasted Ink
The Little Prince & The Lessons It Teaches Us
Hazel Smith, Writer • October 25, 2021

Whenever someone asks me about my favorite book, The Little Prince always comes to mind. Oh, how this...

Image via Wall Street Journal
Fast Fashion
Priscilla Solorio, Writer • October 25, 2021

What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is an inexpensive way of rapidly mass-producing clothing to cater...

Image via Boston Hassle
The Best Underrated Horror Movies
Hanna Spenst, Writer • October 25, 2021

As Halloween approaches, so do all the bone-chilling horror movies. Lots and lots of them. And most...

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