ADVI-Anonymous Part 2


Hey guys! Welcome to Part 2 of ADVI- Anonymous, it has been so fun to answer your questions! Hope you enjoy!


Q: “Why are mangoes orange?”


A: The mango tree builds a yellow-orange pigment in its fruit and this substance is called  “carotene” and Carotene reflects yellow and orange light and it absorbs blue.  Unripened mangoes are green or pale yellow in color.


Q: “Why is it required to go to school for all 13 years?”


A: Students are required to go to school for all 13 years because education is compulsory in every state which means it’s required for your parents to send you to school if they don’t they could be put in jail for truancy. Besides that, you need to go to school to learn how to read, do basic math, speaking and writing skills, which will improve with going into higher years of school. Along with those skills, having to communicate with other people, figuring out hard situations throughout being in school and asking for help from teachers or peers are good skills to have in life, for jobs, and for college.


Q: “Why do we speak different languages based on where we are from?”


A: The earth is an interesting place. Historically languages evolved in many places globally as early civilizations developed. Travel was difficult back when basic languages were in development, so without intercultural communication people had to develop their own dialect.