Halloween Costumes Zodiac

Have you ever wondered what Halloween costume you would wear based off of your Zodiac Sign? Well, these Costumes based off of the 12 Zodiac sign personalities.


Aries: This sign would dress up as Superman/girl because they are energetic and active.


Taurus: Taurus’ would be Katniss Everdeen from Hunger game because they are stubborn and persistent and caring of their loved ones.


Gemini: Geminis should dress up as Harley Quinn because they are clever and enthusiastic just like her.


Cancer: This sign would be Aurora/ Prince Phillip because Cancers are passionate and emotional.


Leo: This sign would dress up as wonder woman because Leos are natural born leaders, and are very generous.


Virgo:  They would dress up like red riding hood because Virgos appear as innocent but once you get to know them they start to seem very dark.


Libra: Libras would dress up as James Charles because they are lovers of beauty and can seem very kind but can also because very stressed and angry out of nowhere.


Scorpio: They would dress up as a lawyer because they are serious and fierce.


Sagittarius: This sign would go as Nancy Drew because they are very curious and energetic, and aren’t afraid to get into messy situations.

Capricorn: This sign would dress up as Pennywise because they are strong but also add humor to their personality.


Aquarius: This sign would dress up as Harry Potter because they are smart and intelligent and know their way around the ropes.


Pisces: They are strong-minded, and always know what they are doing and where they are headed, Which is why Dorothy from the wizard of oz would be a perfect costume.