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June 13, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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Advice to Freshmen
June 12, 2024

Personal style

Flapper+dresses+%281923%29+fashion+plates+in+high+resolution+published+in+Tr%26egrave%3Bs+Parisie.+Original+from+The+Rijksmuseum.+Digitally+enhanced+by+rawpixel. / Rijksmuseum (Source)
Flapper dresses (1923) fashion plates in high resolution published in Très Parisie. Original from The Rijksmuseum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

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Everyone has a personal style that reflects who they are and what they stand for. Even in a heavily influenced day and age, personal style is all around us and you can miss it when looking at it from the naked eye.

This is a compilation of top fashion at Forest Grove High School.



Atticus Barnhart (the man the myth the legend)

“My inspiration comes from punk and goth culture, I want my clothes to say that I’m unique and sustainable. I never try to wear or buy fast fashion. I like creating & reusing pieces of clothing. Along with I want other queer punks to notice me too. Queers make better friends and lovers. I also dress how I dress to deter people, I don’t want to attract the wrong type of people. I want to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforted” 






Miraya Aguilar-Chipres

“I enjoy putting the effort in the little things in each of my outfits, the clothing itself, color coding the jewelry, and other small accessories. When it comes to my outfits, I want them to stand out with the amount of detail I put into them. I really love to dress for any and every occasion and showing myself off. I want to help people feel confident to wear whatever it is that they want to wear and be comfortable in any type of clothing they choose. And hopefully enforcing diverse styles. During elementary through middle school, I usually wore plain black outfits with hoodies or sweaters with my hair up. I never changed my style. And with the way I dressed created insecurities, using my sweaters or black clothing as a way to be unnoticed, almost. Eventually, I slowly began changing my style by letting my hair down and styling my outfits with colorful clothing. This allowed me to embrace my body and myself by finding a variety of clothes to choose from.”


Taiten James Weaver

“I get most of my style inspiration from a guy I follow online he makes his own clothes and has inspired to me try making pants myself and 90s/2000s clothing trends. I want my clothes to show people that it’s okay to be you and wear what you want, fashion is an expression of one’s self so have fun with it wear some crazy fit you’re going to get made fun of when wearing, who cares?”






Chester Detrick

“The biggest inspiration for my fashion is the 2020 clown core movement that was popular on TikTok, though I also take heavy inspiration from “anti-fashion”, maximalism, punk fashion, metalcore fashion, scene core fashion, kandi ravers, weird core, and drag queens/kings!

I dress so when people see me they immediately know that I am not going to judge or discriminate, that I’m open-minded. I also want it to represent my gender-fluidity and “high androgyny. My favorite accessory is my elf ears! I’ve worn them every day since the 8th grade. It feels like I’m not myself without them.”




Blossom Jordan

“I got multiple inspirations but what I would have to say is when I started wearing pink it was during Covid and a lot of things weren’t going well for a lot of people so I wanted to be different and try to be that positive light that people can look at and be inspired to be them self’s and always looks for the light in the dark 🙂 I want my clothes to represent being positive and going out the norms to be yourself and overall just be comfortable with how you dress because no one should be taught that certain clothing is bad or embarrassing and you shouldn’t wear it. What my parents tell me is that I dress like a new-age Stevie Nicks lol but I would call my aesthetic a mix between kawaii and cottage core/pink cottage core “

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