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Regret and Everything In Between

Baylie Brown December 4, 2023

Have you ever thought about the things you say to others around you and how they carry that for the rest of their lives—the fights we have with parents, friends, family, etc? For example, my dad had...

Living vs. Surviving

Living vs. Surviving

Juliet Weston November 14, 2023

Link To Image Living and surviving are different. Of course, you are alive. Your heart is pumping, your blood is flowing, but are you living? Reading this right now is proof you are alive. Surviving...

Disgusting. . .

Disgusting. . .

Anonymous November 11, 2023

Image To Link Disgusting.   You used me, You took what you wanted from me You tossed me out like I was nothing   Disgusting. Did that night mean nothing? Nothing? Nothing...

It’s Okay to Panic

It’s Okay to Panic

Juliet Weston October 27, 2023

Link to Image When I was younger, I used to experience panic attacks frequently. For years in between, however, I haven’t experienced any. Recently I was in my room reading when all of a sudden I...



Baylie Brown October 10, 2023

Image Link Anxiety is a rough topic that everyone seems to have a different answer to. Anxiety can be triggered by quite a lot but a common type of anxiety is guilt-ridden anxiety. Reaching out, reading,...

Image via North Carolina Health News

I Don’t Deserve This “Love”

Grace Shaw, Writer September 24, 2021

   As a scared female in this world full of terrifying people, something that isn’t talked about enough is abusive relationships, and coming forward to hold your abuser accountable. As young female...

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How to Deal With Stress

Pheobee King, Writer March 14, 2021

Have you ever been really stressed about something? I’m sure we have all been stressed at some point in our lives and a lot of us would probably agree that online schooling is very stressful sometimes....

(Image via Education Corner)

Choosing a College: Tips for Making the Perfect College Choice

Amelie Verlinden, Resources Editor January 31, 2021

Right about now, if you're a junior or senior in high school, you’re beginning to think about what you’re going to do after you graduate. You may be completely sure that you want to go to college,...

(Image credit: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash)

How To Make Money As A Teenager

Alo Pineda, Writer January 31, 2021

Being a teenager can be really fun, but sometimes to do fun stuff you’re going to need money. As we grow older, we need jobs to start supporting ourselves, but speaking from experience, getting hired...

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The Impacts COVID-19 Has Had On Mental Health (And How To Cope)

Danielle Murray, Media Manager January 24, 2021

A year ago, COVID-19 drastically changed the lives of everyone around the world. Our bustling cities became eerily quiet as our close-knit small towns shut their doors to neighbors and friends. We all...

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Taking Care of Yourself During Quarantine: Mental, Physical and Emotional Health Tips

Amelie Verlinden, Resources Editor January 24, 2021

So, it’s official; America has been in quarantine for nearly a year now, and the general public can agree that it has been our most difficult year yet. Isolating from our loved ones is tough enough,...

(Image Credit: Polina Zimmerman/Pexels)

Mental Health in Schools

Danielle Murray, Media Manager January 16, 2021

Mental health and wellness are becoming an increasingly important topic, especially surrounding teens and young adults. With the popularization of social media, people everywhere are given the platform...

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