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Letter From The New Editor In Chiefs

Gwendolyn Woods and Hazel Smith June 10, 2022

Dear Readers, Hello! We are very excited to be the new editor-in-chiefs for the Forest Grove High School newspaper, The Advocate! Being able to represent The Advocate is an honor, that we are very excited...

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Letter from the Former Editor – 2022

Micaela Gaither, Editor In Chief June 10, 2022

Dear readers, loyal followers, or just passersby, As I end my time at Forest Grove High School, I say goodbye to teachers, peers, and the Advocate. I have been a part of the Advocate team since I started...

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Letter From The Editor In Chief – First Edition

Micaela Gaither, Editor-N-Chief September 24, 2021

Dear Readers,  The Forest Grove High School Newspaper, The Advocate, is back! Kicking off the first edition of the year with some really great articles! I am excited to embark on this new year of new...

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Letter From the New Editor

Micaela Gaither, Editor-in-Chief May 30, 2021

Dear Readers,  It’s been a rough year. There have been a lot of losses, and there have been so many days it’s been hard to wake up in the morning. Despite the pitfalls of this year, there has been...

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Letter From the Former Editor

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief May 30, 2021

Dear Reader,  When I took up the mantle of Editor-in-Chief two years ago, I could never have imagined what was in store for me. I had no idea that I’d spend more than half of the next two years at...

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Letter From the Editor: 3rd Quarter Update

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2021

Dear Reader,  As you might be aware, with the ongoing pandemic, Forest Grove High School switched to a quarter-system for this school year. Because of this, the journalism class that normally runs...

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Letter From the Editor: A Not-So-Thankful Thanksgiving

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief November 26, 2020

Dear Reader, If this was a normal year, I’d be writing to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and remind you of everything that we have to be thankful for--but this is not a normal year. This year,...

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Letter From the Editor

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor in Chief September 27, 2020

Dear Reader, As I’m sure you’re acutely aware, right now is an extremely difficult time for our community and for our country. The Covid-19 pandemic, which had killed 200,000 people in America alone,...

Final Letter From the Editor

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief June 13, 2020

Dear Reader,   While usually there’s some excitement and anticipation building up to the end of the school year and the last edition that we put out, this year, with quarantine and distance...

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Letter From the Editor: May 30th, 2020

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor in Chief May 30, 2020

Dear Reader, This edition was supposed to go out as our second printed edition of the year; however, due to the unexpected pandemic and following state of quarantine, these articles are now being published...

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Letter From the Editor – Edition 1

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2019

Dear Reader,    I am so excited to begin my first year as Editor-in-Chief of The Advocate. This will be our second year with a class full of writers instead of just a handful of people meeting...

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Letter From the New Editor

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief June 7, 2019

As I sit here, watching The Advocate’s diligent writers type away, working hard on their articles for this, the last edition of the school year, I can’t believe that this year has already come to a...

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