Final Letter From the Editor

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,


While usually there’s some excitement and anticipation building up to the end of the school year and the last edition that we put out, this year, with quarantine and distance learning, the end of the school year seems very anti-climatic. It seems odd to think that it will be another three or so months before we put out another edition, and that’s assuming that we’re able to begin publishing articles again in September. My heart goes out to all of the Seniors who were robbed of the last months of their high school career, and I’m grateful that I, at least, will be able to have one more year at The Advocate before my time as Editor in Chief comes to an end. 


Weird as this year was, it was still an amazing experience, and I’m so proud of everything that our writers and editors have done this year. Despite the complications we faced, we still put out a special printed edition alongside ten online editions, and I was lucky enough to see everyone grow as writers throughout the year. This year still taught us all many things, and I can’t wait to keep learning next year. 


I have so much thanks and appreciation for everyone who helped us get to this point, from Ms. Nelson, our wonderful teacher, to the high school administration, who were always there to help with the logistics of whatever project we were working on, and the staff at the Forest Grove News-Times, who offered so much advice and help throughout the production of our special printed edition. 


We here at The Advocate also would like to extend our thanks to all of our readers and hope that you’ll continue to support us through the next school year and whatever it brings us. Your support encourages us and keeps us going, and we’re so, so grateful. 


We hope that all of you stay safe and healthy through this difficult time, and hope to see you again in the fall. 



Lizzie Lohrer