Change Edition – PR Moves I Would Make For Different Fashion Brands


Image via I Knock Fashion

Priscilla Solorio, Writer

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is a jewelry brand in New York City founded in 1837 since becoming one of the top designer jewelry brands to date. Around 20 years ago Tiffany’s was all the rage, popular items being charm bracelets, return to Tiffany necklaces, and all jewelry with logos on it for a while. After Tiffany’s began to lose its hype, it still kept its repeat customer audience, but not as many new ones as prior. Although very recently it has begun to gain popularity from younger audiences in which Tiffany & Co has reacted to and began to cater towards shown in their recent campaigns such as their recent shot with Beyonce, Jay z, and Hailey Bieber. A recent campaign that did earn some flashbacks was a quote, “NOT YOUR MOTHER’S TIFFANY”  posted on their Instagram page was people putting up posters where it was stated, said on Twitter, and added to their website. People’s concerns and the problem with this statement was that Tiffany’s repeat and loyal customer base has almost always been older women such as moms. A PR move I would make if I was on Tiffany & Co.’s marketing team would be for the company to have its own line called “Little Blue Box” catered towards a teenage/ young adult audience. Similar to Marc Jacobs’s Heaven. It would have only costume jewelry aside from gold and silver, but still the same quality and price as current Tiffany’s. A young celebrity such as Gigi Hadid or Lily-Rose Depp could be the face of it.

Anti Social Social Club

Anti Social Social Club is a very well-known streetwear brand founded by Neek Lurk around 6 years ago. Worn by so many different celebrities the brand gained major popularity, selling out drop after drop. It had got to a point where the brand reached such a high level of popularity too, where it could not properly keep up with shipping times. An average wait for a hoodie was anywhere from months to a year. Aside from really high wait times and many not ever receiving their products, something that made people want to stop supporting them in all was when people realized that all of their hoodies, hoodies being their most popular item, were printed on the cheapest form of Gildan. PR moves I would make if I was on Anti Social Social Club’s marketing team would be to stop all production and advertisement until Fall of 2022 in time for New York fashion week where they can show off their newest collections and have celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Sophia Richie, and Emily Ratajkowski walk. Having their first collection be with another streetwear brand that previously has had runways would highly benefit them and make them feel more credible. Something else I think would highly benefit them would be to have different locations, 4 great locations would be London, New York, Melrose, and Beverly Hills.