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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Unsolved Disappearance of Dorothy Jane Scott

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Dorothy Jane Scott was a 32-year-old single mother who lived with her 4-year-old son and her aunt. She was an ordinary woman, born in Staton California on April 23, 1948. She worked as a secretary, doing her best to provide for her family. She preferred to stay home with her young son, Shawn, she was also a devout Christian and never tried drugs. She was a very kind woman, she cared for everyone, helping as much as she could. Everyone loved her… even those she would rather have never met. For months before her disappearance, she had been receiving calls from an unidentified man. He would call her and tell her he was in love with her. He would tell her how he would kill her and cut her body into many small pieces so she would never be found. 

The ending of Dorothy’s life was thought to be at the hands of this stalker. One day, May 28th, 1980, Dorothy noticed her coworker had a red mark on their arm which was bothering them. She and one other coworker decided to take them to the ER. On the way to the hospital, she stopped at her parent’s house to check on her son and change her scarf. While at the hospital, it was said that she never left the coworker’s side until they were all ready to leave. Dorothy went to pick up her car while her two coworkers were filling up a prescription. When the two went outside, they saw Dorothy’s car drive past them and onto the street, not stopping to pick them up. Regretfully, the coworkers were unable to see who was driving but figured there had been an emergency with her child. 

A few hours later, when no one was able to get in touch with her, she was reported missing. When her parents were questioned, her mother remembered several weird instances that had to do with her stalker. On one occasion, he had called Dorothy and told her to go outside, when her mother looked, there was a single dead rose lying on her car windshield. This freaked her out so much that she decided to start taking karate lessons and spoke about buying a handgun. Hope was diminishing quickly for the family when her car was found, at 4:30 am on May 29th, it was found on fire on the side of the road, with no bodies in or around the vehicle. 

For three years after her disappearance, a man claiming to be her killer called her mother, bragging about the heinous things he did to her daughter. There was a recording machine installed at Dorothy’s parent’s house, but every call was too short to trace back to the man. The calls slowed down until August 1984. News broke that partial remains were found. On August 6th, a construction worker found both dog and human remains. The bones were badly charred and said to be at least 2 years old, for there had been a huge bushfire through the area around that time. A few days later, the bones were found to be Dorothy’s. 

After that, the man claiming to be her murderer started calling again, speaking about things that only select people would know, like the fact that she had changed her scarf that night, or about the ER visit. The man even published an article in “The Orange County Register,” writing about how he killed her. Sadly, this man was never found and it is still unknown if he even did the things he says he did. It’s also a mystery what exactly happened to Dorothy and why it was done to her. To this day no one has been punished, nor has there been any official suspects. 

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