Meme of the Week: Chonk/Oh Lawd He Comin’


(Image via Know Your Meme)

Kailey Buttram, Writer

The term “chonk” is internet slang used to describe an overweight cat or a cat that is “chunky”. It has become increasingly popular to call cats by this offensive name, springing from a chart of a cat-body index that had been photoshopped and renamed the “chonk scale”. This chart shows the level of chonkiness that a cat can be, and what is considered to be too much chonk. Another phrase that is paired with chonky cats is “oh lawd, he comin’”, usually being used towards a fat cat, even if it isn’t actually doing anything. Chonky cats have recently become a popular meme subject and a target to online bullying by their human, but it is all meant in good fun.

 In the summer of 2018, the chonky cat meme took off, starting with the chonky cat body mass index chart. The scale was found on Reddit, but the creator remains unknown. The Chonk Chart consists of a normal sized cat, gradually growing in size and finally, the chonkiest of them all, Oh Lawd He Comin’, the ultimate chonk. Truly, the most superior cat. Since the spread of The Chonk Chart, internet users from all over the world are using the phrase “oh lawd he comin’” to not only describe their large feline friends, but any large animals or objects can be described as chonky. The chart, ranging from “a fine boy”, “he chonky”, “a heckin’ chonker”, “HEFTY CHONK”, “MEGA CHONKER”, and finally, “OH LAWD HE COMIN’”, is not only a chart that can be used on cats. In fact, you could use these terms to describe just about anything (responsibly).

 The spread of this chonky meme started on Twitter, where user @dreamlandtea posted the Chonk Chart. Soon after being posted there, it appeared on Reddit under the tag /r/DelightfullyChubby on August 13th of 2018. From here, it took flight, cats left and right being called heckin’ chonkers and megachonks left and right. Thanks to this meme, there has been a surplus of hefty cats being posted to the internet to get their fair share of roasting and comments on their weight. The popularity of the chonks created their own subreddit called /r/chonkers, which gained over 400 subscribers in less than 30 days.

 Chonkers from all over the world have the chance to get famous for their fat bellies and adored by people all over the internet, thanks to this meme and the Chonk Chart. If you or anyone you know has a chonky cat, feel free to share their chonkiness with the world. It’ll bring joy to anyone who has the opportunity to feast their eyes upon such a beautifully hefty man. Don’t feel bad for these cats, though. It may seem mean to make fun of them for their weight, but don’t be fooled. Their sad little eyes cover up the cruel revenge all chonky cats of the internet have planned. Lock your doors at night, make sure your litter boxes are clean, and leave out an extra bowl of cat chow for your furry friends. Because they’re out to get us. All of us. Chonky cats will rule the world.