ADVI-anonymous Part 1

Hey guys! ADVI-anonymous is our advice column for the Advocate, where you can put your anonymous questions in the blue box in the library and your questions will be answered in the next featured publication of the advocate. We also have an online submission form, which can be accessed by this link:

“What should I tell my friend who’s dating a senior as a freshman, she hasn’t told her mom yet and she doesn’t know if she should tell her or not! Help!” –Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, You should tell her to talk to her mom because keeping a secret from your parents is just going to make things worse. The sooner you tell her, the less complicated the situation is going to be. Another benefit of telling her is that she will have more trust in you and won’t feel like you are hiding things from her.


“Is it weird that I’ve only had one crush for a long time but then haven’t had a crush on anybody since?” –Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, It’s not weird that you haven’t had a crush on someone, liking someone should come naturally and not be forced.  Some people don’t have their first significant other until college or after that and that’s perfectly alright because you will find the right person for you whenever it seems right.


I’m sorry that was so short we haven’t got as many submissions, that’s why we are promoting it. You can put your questions into the blue box in the library and also by submitting it to this link: