How To Make Money As A Teenager


(Image credit: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash)

Alo Pineda, Writer

Being a teenager can be really fun, but sometimes to do fun stuff you’re going to need money. As we grow older, we need jobs to start supporting ourselves, but speaking from experience, getting hired for a job can be more difficult than anything. I’ve been declined around 8 jobs because of a lack of experience or skills. So no one wants to hire you, but you need to save up, want to travel, or just buy things. What do you do? Well, you start by getting what we call a “side hustle” and saving up. A side hustle may not necessarily be an actual job with a minimum wage, but instead a job that will simply pay you whenever. 

Side hustles can be babysitting, doing errands and chores for other people, working at local stores or restaurants instead of chain ones, and sometimes having your own personal shop. Babysitting may seem like a job that you won’t make much money doing, but if you negotiate well, you get paid well. Offering to babysit some kids while the parents go on a date night can get you some big bucks, especially if it’s late at night. On the other hand, if you aren’t a big fan of kids, you can do chores or errands for some older adults who are too busy to do them. Washing dishes, walking the dogs, or doing yard work, can get you some quick and easy cash! This can also become a weekly thing, meaning you can have a supply of weekly income. Another great option is local stores instead of chain ones. Well, what’s the difference? Some local stores and restaurants pay more than the hourly minimum wage, which is great if what you want to do is save up money. Although getting hired is a different story, you may need to go in person to ask about the hiring process and how to apply. This is because many online job applications or websites are only used by chain restaurants and stores. Lastly, is setting up your own personal store. This means selling your stuff or stuff you find, online to make a profit. This option has been on a rise for some time now. Many people use websites like eBay or Craigslist, but since phones are very popular, there are many apps where you can open up an online shop. Some of these are called, DEPOP, Facebook Marketplace, and Offerup. DEPOP is one of the most popular among teens and young adults. You can sell items that range from clothes to posters, to mugs! It’s an easy and quick way to make money if you do it properly. 

One thing to know is that you don’t need a job to make money. Saving up and learning how to save money is going to be your best friend. Learning how to save your money will change your life. It’s simple, whenever you receive money try and put away 40% of what you received and keep the remaining 60% to spend. You will find yourself starting to have a lot of cash saved if you don’t go and spend all your earnings right away. 

Finding a job can be tough, especially if you have little to no experience or skills, especially in the middle of a pandemic. But if you put your mind to it, making money can be easy and fun! All you have to do is be creative in finding ways to make income, confident in applying for jobs, and know how to properly save your money.