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Quarantine Kitchen Farewell Letter

Ella Largent, Writer June 13, 2020

Dear Readers of the Advocate, This year has been a difficult one, and a journey for everyone in our country and the whole world.  This journey has had many downfalls, from the coronavirus outbreak...

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Quarantine Kitchen

Ella Largent, Writer May 18, 2020

During these hard times, comfort is all anyone really wants.  Possibly a comforting hug from a friend, loved ones,  a nice cup of hot cocoa, a blanket, and a book to cozy up to and escape one reality...

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America’s Food System Versus The World

Ella Largent, Writer March 9, 2020

This country has so many opportunities to do good.  We have done so many amazing social step stones for our country as a whole by coming together and doing great things, like giving equal rights to African...

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The Foodies Journal: Pancakes and Shrove Tuesday

Ella Largent, Writer February 22, 2020

Happy National Pancake Day, Vikings!  This February 25th will be National Pancake Day, a day to enjoy fluffy delicious pancakes with syrup and reflect on how truly long these fried flat pieces of bread...

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Food and Eating Habits of the Germans

Lina Braun, Writer February 22, 2020

Germans are known for their traditional food around the world. What many people don’t know is the fact that German food is so much more than sausage or Sauerkraut. Depending on where in Germany you stay,...

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The Foodies Journal: The Americanization of Food

Ella Largent, Writer February 12, 2020

  We all love food, specifically food that tends to be from other cultures and ethnicities, like Chinese, Mexican, and Italian food.  However, a lot of these dishes we have from these amazing varieties...

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The Foodies Journal: Ramen Noodles

Ella Largent, Writer January 20, 2020

Ramen Noodles have become a very popular dish in our society.  From the factor that all we have to do is wait for some water to boil, then wait another three minutes for the noodles to cook and add the...

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The Foodies Journal: Holiday Edition

Ella Largent, Writer December 22, 2019

It is finally the season to enjoy joyous times with family and friends, and eat delicious sweets, from homemade apple pies to delicious cakes, and celebrate traditions that bring people together. This...

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The Foodies Journal: The Thanksgiving Turkey

Ella Largent, Writer November 14, 2019

Thanksgiving is that brilliant day of the year when you can stuff yourself to the brim with delicious dishes, and is a tradition that we all love to celebrate with the people we care about and give thanks...

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The Foodies Journal: Tacos

Ella Largent, Writer October 29, 2019

Tacos are by far the most iconic Mexican dish that everyone can love and enjoy. However, the traditional taco isn’t the hard shell taco you’d have in Taco Bell, but in fact, is made from a special...

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Curry, the Tasteful Dish With a Tasteful History

Ella Largent, Writer September 29, 2019

Food is something almost everyone enjoys. Food is also fairly interesting, and the history can be astonishing with how much it can impact everything. Curry is one of those dishes that has an amazingly...

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Food Bacchanalia: S’mores

Madison Rich, Writer May 17, 2019

As you are camping you have probably heard “Let's make s'mores!” Now I don't know about you but… that's music to my ears! The thought of eating a mouth-watering, melted, chewy desert is amazing. S’mores:...

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