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Oregons Hidden Gems

Oregon’s Hidden Gems

Juliet Weston, Writer June 6, 2024

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon offers a diverse landscape of lush forests, rugged coastlines, and vibrant cities — an ideal destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation. From...

Bidding Farewell to Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers by 2026

Bidding Farewell to Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers by 2026

Molly Graham March 20, 2024

Portland has recently made headlines with its pioneering initiative to ban gas-powered leaf blowers starting in 2026. This progressive move aims to forge a path towards a more sustainable and peaceful...

Will Donald Trump be on Oregon’s Ballot for the 2024 Elections?

Will Donald Trump be on Oregon’s Ballot for the 2024 Elections?

Ava Rapport January 25, 2024

Link to image With the next presidential election coming up this year, some states are considering dropping Republican candidate and former president Donald Trump from the ballot. Colorado and Maine...

The Threat of Greater Idaho

The Threat of Greater Idaho

Molly Graham October 12, 2023

Link to image America's state lines have become such a constant throughout time, that maps of state outlines have become iconic imagery that is quintessentially American. Knowing America as a place...

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More News

Leslie Garcia, Writer June 10, 2022

Baby formula shortage As of May, there has been a baby formula shortage happening all around the United States. What does that mean? This means that most stores have been out of stock of formula and...

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Current News (May Edition)

Leslie Garcia, Writer May 23, 2022

Roe V. Wade As of May, there have been many discussions about what's going on with Roe v. Wade. What’s Roe v. Wade? According to, Roe v. Wade is a judicial precedent in the United States...

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Changing Weather

Leslie Garcia, Writer November 7, 2021

What's Going on in the US? It has been reported that since fall has begun, many places have been experiencing bad weather, even places that are usually nice and sunny. It has been said that  California,...

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Governor Kate Brown Ordering Two Week Shutdown After Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Tabitha Fitzgerald, Writer November 26, 2020

In response to a rise in Oregon COVID-19 cases, Governor Kate Brown has ordered a two-week “freeze” in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. The new shutdown comes in response to Oregon setting record...

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Wildfires in Oregon: Why Are They So Hard to Extinguish?

Tabitha Fitzgerald, Writer September 27, 2020

Each year we end up battling wildfires, but why was this season particularly awful, and what are the fires looking like now? There are no easy answers, as there are many factors that contributed to the...

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Starlight Parade

Savanah Amaya, Writer May 30, 2020

Portland is known for hosting many fun and exciting events downtown, from markets to fairs. In the upcoming months, Portland is celebrating the Starlight Parade for more than 40 years in Portland. According...

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The New MLS Season for the Portland Timbers

David Tecum, Writer March 19, 2019

The Timbers started their 2019 MLS season in Colorado, taking on the Rapids of Colorado. The 2018 season ended in the most heartbreaking way, losing 2-0 to Atlanta United after an incredible cup run. The...


Cookie Decorating at the Pink Spoon

Taylor LaMonica, Writer December 24, 2018

The beginning: The Pink Spoon opened their doors to Forest Grove in late July. It was a very long process to get these doors open, through all of the setbacks but the Pink Spoon pulled through and...

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