Changing Weather


Image via Reader’s Digest

Leslie Garcia, Writer

What’s Going on in the US?

It has been reported that since fall has begun, many places have been experiencing bad weather, even places that are usually nice and sunny. It has been said that  California, Oregon, and Washington have already experienced over 400,000 power outages due to high winds. It is very uncommon for power outages to happen in California, which means that many Californians have been and still are worrying about what’s going to happen next. There have also been some evacuations ordered by the governor of California due to flooding around Santa Rosa, California. According to, there have also been some evacuations ordered in Fresno County in California.

Which Places Are Being Most Affected by This Weather?

Many highways have been affected by the rain in that they have become very slippery. This has actually been causing many car crashes because when really hard rain is combined with up to 30 mph wind, it causes people not to be able to see clearly when they are driving. If you have experienced or experienced rain while you are driving, you will know that it isn’t easy and that it’s especially difficult when you can’t see the line of your lane.

Tips for This Year’s Rainy Season

Sometimes it’s hard to drive when it’s raining, so what should you do to make driving in the rain easier? One easy step would be to turn on your headlights because turning them on makes it a lot easier for other drivers to be able to see your car. Another step would be to turn off your cruise control because “cruise control impairs your ability to adjust speed quickly. You should be in full control of your car when the rain falls.” The next best thing would be to “slow down to avoid hydroplaning. At speeds as low as 35 miles per hour, tires can lose contact with the roadway during a rainstorm.” This means you probably should be driving a little more slowly than the actual speed limit says you should be driving to avoid any slipping, sliding, etc. The last step would be to know how to cope with something going wrong. For example, if you start skidding, avoid trying to brake hard or making hard turns to avoid hydroplaning. Most importantly, always remain calm in any bad situation while driving and continue to look straight ahead while driving with standard safety precautions to avoid any conflict/problems.

What Has the Weather Been Like in Oregon?

In Oregon, it has been raining for the past few days. Sometimes it’s windy or foggy too, but sometimes it’s rainy and sunny. On the west coast of Oregon, it has been especially very rainy and windy. According to, there have even been thunderstorms with high winds around the west coast in the Portland Metro Area. It has been reported that the next few weeks will consist of rain and wind. Over the last few days, we have still been experiencing lots of rain and we will probably experience it until winter comes. Until then, happy fall everyone!