Winter Outfit Horoscope

Aries/March 21-April 19: They would wear A tan coat with a baggy sweater and black capris with black boots. Aries would wear this because they are independent and go-getters.


Taurus/April 20-May 20: They would wear a long grey jacket with a white cropped shirt a baggy scarf black leggings with high black boots, They would wear this because they are reliable, ambitious, and practical


Gemini/May 21- June 20: This specific zodiac sign would wear a grey turtleneck sweater with a long black jacket blue ripped jeans, and converse, this is the perfect outfit for Geminis because they are very outgoing, witty and commutative.


Cancer/June 21-July 22: This zodiac sign would wear a beige button-up coat with a fall orange colored scarf a black beanie blue distressed jeans, and black boots, this is perfect because cancers are very sensitive and compassionate but also care about how they look.


Leo/July 23-August 22: A Leo would wear a white shirt with a black and brown fur coat blue rolled up jeans and black boots, this outfit is perfect for a Leo because Leos are made up of positive and negative traits which are also shown through how they dress.


Virgo/August 23-September 22: A Virgo would wear a white shoulderless sweater with white pants and brown slip ons, this outfit matches a Virgo because Virgos are very humble and care about their appearance.


Libra/September 23-October 22: A Libra would wear a long fluffy coat with black jeans and black boots with a grey purse, this fits a Libra’s personality because Libras are very stubborn but very loyal.


Scorpio/October 23-November 21: A Scorpio would wear a black and white checkered polo with a long light beige coat black pants and black boots this outfit meets the eye of a Scorpio because they are brave and when they see something they get it.


Sagittarius/November 22-December 21: A Sagittarius would wear an oversized grey turtleneck sweater with a black leather coat and black ripped jeans with black boots, This is perfect for a Sagittarius because they are open-minded and enthusiastic.


Capricorn/December 22-January 19: A Capricorn would wear a tan sweater with a black puffy coat dark blue distressed jeans and black boots, this outfit matches a Capricorn because they are wise and practical.


Aquarius/January 20-February 18: An Aquarius would wear a long tan jacket with a white shirt and white pants a brown Michael Kors bag and brown sandals, this is perfect for Aquarius because they are friendly with a good sense of humor.


Pisces/February 19-March 20: They would wear a black sweater with a black scarf a tan coat blue jeans, and brown construction boots, this is a great outfit for a Pisces because they are artistic and strong-minded.