A Letter to My Lovely Cat


(Image via Atlanta Humane Society)

Jaycob Davis, Writer

You’re always there to run around and play. You’re white, orange and grey. My dearest Ash, you have been my friend since I was in middle school, and you have been there through good and bad, happy and sad. As time goes on, and you get older the weather gets colder and times change, I know things won’t be the same, but that you’ll always remain. You’re my best friend and you make every moment more interesting than the last when you spazz and run around like a maniac. I love how we have the same color eyes and how I make fun of your big eyes. You’re truly a fun cat to hang around, how you chase your tail around the house or when you chase the mice around the yard. You are the best cat in this world and that isn’t even an opinion, you faced a lot of possible outcomes that almost took away your future. You almost died from sickness, but you made it through, you’ve given birth to two liters of beautiful adventurous kittens who resembled you in a lot of ways and I’m glad you did, because they were as amazing as their mother. I love you not only for the support you’ve offered me throughout the last few years, but also for those memorable moments of your crazy self, like that time you fell off the window frame and fell on the floor, or the time you ate your own baby’s food. Even though you may not be my own cat I’m glad that I’m the one who chose your name. You’re my number one best friend and those kittens are glad to be able to call you their mom. 

Thank you for all those times where you’d steal my food and meow at my door because you wanted in my room only to leave because my room was boring to you. Thank you again for also falling asleep with me when things weren’t the best, even though you don’t do that anymore because you’re too busy running everywhere to pay attention to anything. Even if the past 2 years weren’t the best all the time, you still continued to make me laugh and give me something to smile about. We may not have an incredible bond or anything like that, but you’re still the most important animal to come into my life, you’ve brought me laughter and tears when I thought about all the bad things that could happen to you in this world. However, as time goes on I realize that you live an amazing life as an amazing friend with people who adore you more than you could know. Ash, you may be crazy sometimes and not so smart at other times, but overall you’re the best cat anyone could ask for, the best friend anyone could ask for. I love you as said before, but it has a deeper meaning because you’ve been there through pretty much everything.