Quarantine Kitchen Farewell Letter

(Image via We Heart It)

(Image via We Heart It)

Ella Largent, Writer

Dear Readers of the Advocate,

This year has been a difficult one, and a journey for everyone in our country and the whole world.  This journey has had many downfalls, from the coronavirus outbreak that has swept the world and the nation.  To our own countries battles with racism with people standing up and taking charge with peaceful protests against police brutality. And the chaos that comes at night in many cities around the nation at the moment, even here in Portland.

However,  even with all of these hardships that have risen and faced us in our worst hour, we still rise and we can still have hope.  I know I myself right now am feeling pretty lonely and upset, because I can’t go see my friends.  However, there are some things to take away from all this chaos, and that’s the love we can find in all of this, the joy and the laughs. They’re still possible even with everything going on.  So take a stance and really try to help and bring others with you to the top. Reach out to your friends, because sometimes just knowing that they are there for you and with you, can really be of help, even I would help you guys if I can in any way. 

To readers of my fairly odd but informative foodie articles, this will be my last year as a writer for the Advocate.  I love the people that I work with, but I don’t enjoy my own work and what I put out there. As much as I don’t want to go, because everyone here in the Advocate is so amazing, I need to follow my own path. I used to think that writing was a calling for me, but even when I joined my first newspaper as a writer I never was able to have the spark and dedication that my other fellow writers had.  With that said if you are thinking of joining the Advocate and you truly believe in writing and its power to motivate like I do, then I highly encourage you to join because once you do join you become part of this family, it is very welcoming and loving. 

I hope everyone who did read my articles enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing my first story about curry, knowing that it was pretty funny how much information you can get about the foods and cultures we take in.  Farewell Advocate, and thank you for giving me an amazing Freshman year.  To all the writers that doubted themselves just know that there will always be someone to relate with you and if you are ever in trouble with writing and are stuck always try and reach out.  Help with anything is really easy once you have someone to back you up.

Good luck everyone and sayonara, till our paths meet again

Ella Largent