Letter From the Editor: May 30th, 2020

(Image via We Heart It)

(Image via We Heart It)

Lizzie Lohrer, Editor in Chief

Dear Reader,

This edition was supposed to go out as our second printed edition of the year; however, due to the unexpected pandemic and following state of quarantine, these articles are now being published online instead.

Our writers wrote these pieces back in early March before any of us had a sense of how bad things were going to get with Coronavirus. Because of that, some articles may seem ill-informed or oddly timed–we assure you that this is not any fault of our writers, but the unfortunate circumstance that things changed much faster in a couple of months than any of us could foresee. However, we still wanted you all to be able to read the pieces that our writers put so much time and effort into, so we decided to publish them online so that that work wouldn’t have been wasted. 

We hope that you enjoy this newest edition regardless, and wish all of our readers health and safety during this uncertain time. Thank you all for your continued support, and check back in mid-June for our last edition of the school year.


Lizzie Lohrer, Editor-in-Chief