Taking Care of Yourself During Quarantine: Mental, Physical and Emotional Health Tips


(Image via Multi Channel Merchant)

Amelie Verlinden, Resources Editor

So, it’s official; America has been in quarantine for nearly a year now, and the general public can agree that it has been our most difficult year yet. Isolating from our loved ones is tough enough, but the escalating political atmosphere has intensified the experience for all of us, particularly for those who struggle with mental health issues. While there is not much we all can do to get out of quarantine except follow covid rules and wait this out, there are some ways to make this experience, at the very least, bearable. 

To start figuring out how you can help yourself, you need to assess not only your needs/desires but also the things you are actually able to do. It’s easy to say that you want a Pinterest-worthy quarantine aesthetic routine, but some of us simply do not have the energy to do that right now, and that’s okay! That is something that you can build yourself up to, but for now, you need to forgive yourself for being unable to do that and focus on what you are able to do. Start out by figuring out if you are a high-energy or low-energy person, and then go from there. 

If you are someone who is high energy, I’d recommend looking into your hobbies; are you someone who enjoys exercise? If so, a routine that incorporates an amount of intense energy (such as dancing, running, or boxing) would help you get a clean start to the day. You could also set aside time for hobbies, or even take the initiative to look for a new hobby! Baking, art, and small construction crafts are all excellent ways to pass the time. Make sure to take time for a healthy lunch or snack as well! If you have work or homework after that, make sure to set aside a needed amount of time to take care of it. Lifehack.org has an excellent article on the importance of daily routine, and many tips for managing a workload alongside physical and mental health. 

Now, if you are someone who is low energy, the tips for those who are high energy won’t always work for you, and that’s okay! However, having a creative way to pass the time while you’re quarantined is necessary for your health. You may not be someone who loves physical exercise, but even taking a short walk once per day can boost your mood. You may find yourself eventually taking longer and longer walks, but if you are struggling with a short walk, even sitting outside and relaxing is good for you. Humans are meant to interact with nature in some way, so making time to get outside is crucial. 

Once you have spent some time outside, you should probably find a way to keep yourself busy. Reading, of course, is always recommended, but you might be someone who just enjoys random facts, and therefore researching odd topics might be the way to go. Topics like true crime, mental health, nature, and mystery are always popular! If you are more goal-oriented, puzzles and building are great suggestions as well. If you aren’t familiar with woodshop, lego sets may also work. While this may seem silly, it’s always fun to indulge your inner child! 

This has been an incredibly hard year for the world, but there is an end in sight. It may be getting more challenging to stay at home, but it is also necessary, and finding a routine can sometimes assist in softening the blow of isolation. Make sure to also be reaching out to friends and family, sharing in the struggle, and perhaps making plans for once this is all over! Hopefully, 2021 will be the year of recovery, and while history has been made, we will have gotten through it together.