Rules and Regulations of the Game: Pool


Jacob Kolb, Writer

In Pool, there is an objective, strategy, and terminology. Any positive or negative plays can hurt or help your chances of winning or losing. The following paragraphs will show you how these factors can apply in Pool.



In Pool, the goal is to get the balls in the holes the fastest. On your turn, you will be allowed to hit your respective balls into the holes. To win, hit your seven balls and lastly the eight ball to win. If your turn ends, you were unable to get a ball in the hole. Now that we know this, here is some strategy to win a Pool game.




Strategy is an important factor in Pool, as well as any other sport. Here are ideas to keep in mind during the game in which you are playing.


Easy Shots: An easy shot is usually when the ball you are trying to get in the hole with the cue ball is close to the table.


Aim: Aim is crucial to Pool. one wrong tweak in your shot could lead to a missed chance to score a ball in the hole.


Strength: Strength is something you should vary depending on the length and direction of your shot.


Picking The Right Ball Group: The first shot of the game is the break. You or your opponent will break the ball to start the game. Now suppose your opponent starts and gets a ball in but also gets their cue ball in. If there is another type of ball that has the same paint pattern, go for that one if it is near a hole. You will gain a huge advantage if you do.




Terminology is something that is very often used during Pool. Here is terminology on the sport Pool:


Break: The first shot of the game. All the balls are racked in a triangle in the middle of the table in a triangle formation with the eight ball in the middle. One player will use the cue ball to break the triangle and the game continues from there.


Solid and Striped Balls: These are the two ball groups you can pick from. There are seven balls of each kind and the first person to get rid of all of these balls, then the 8 Ball first wins.


Cue Ball: The white ball that is used to ricochet off of the other balls on the table.


8 Ball: The last ball you are allowed to hit before being called a victor. If you hit this ball out of turn, your opponent wins regardless.


Scratch: A stroke were you hit your ball that may or may not go in the pocket that you want it to go in, but at the same time your cue ball goes in the pocket. Regardless of whether or not the ball you wanted to go in the pocket went in, scratching the ball will give your opponent the ball automatically. The worst part is, they can place the ball anywhere on the table that they would like to.


These are objectives, strategy, and terminology to keep in mind during Pool.