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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Risk Book Summary Part;1


The Risk is the first book in The Mindf*ck series, acclaimed by The New York Times Bestseller Adult Fantasy Pentalogy by S.T. Abby. The Risk is a book full of tension, emotion, and plot twists when you least expect it. This book will give you perspectives on different types of politics that happen in the world.


Lana Meyers is sitting at the coffee shop when a guy starts hitting on her. She dismisses him and drops obvious hints to leave her alone. After minutes of turning Mr. Arrogant down, he finally leaves to go sit next to his friend. Lana pulls her phone out and looks at the video footage from the cameras she placed in her next victim’s house. She learns their routine till she knows it better than her own, and then when her victims are the only one home, she strikes. Lana goes to pay for her coffee when the waitress says it’s already been paid and the guy says, “thank you for the entertainment.” She goes up to the SUV where Mr. Arrogant and his friend are and says, “I don’t let strange men pay for my food. My mother taught me better”. The man says it was the best show he’s ever seen and it was worth the small bill. She tries to give the money back and he asks if she is also so defensive. She realizes that he is reading her, so she starts profiling him. Lana says that he is in the FBI because he profiled her, he and his friend are dressed in suits and the tinted windows on the SUV gives him away. He continues to smile as she profiles him, then he profiles her. “You’re not a paid profiler, not FBI, and not affiliated with any military unit…your less worried about your outward appearance and more concerned with comfort. You sit alone by choice, and dismiss any attention sent your way…you’re someone who is hard to get close to because trust isn’t something you share too often…” Lana starts to worry because she has spent years hiding her emotions so she wouldn’t be profiled too easily, but this guy is spot on. He keeps going and she takes a shaky step back. He apologizes for going too far and says, “Life sucks, then you die. MIght as well live while you’re still alive,” He gives Lana his business card and tells her to call him if she wants to live a little. She waits till he and his friend drive off before she looks at the card. His card says the name,  Logan Bennett along with his number and the FBI symbol. Her phone buzzes in her hand reminding her that she needs to be strong because she’s worked too hard to mess up now.

Lana drives by her victim’s house and goes to the abandoned barn two minutes away. She puts on her gloves and her heavy men’s boot along with the weighted bag on her back. She slips in through the back door and waits till she hears the shower turn on before she continues. She goes into his bedroom and waits outside the bathroom door. When he comes out, she slices her knife against his Achillies heel. Ben falls to the floor screaming and holding his foot. He tells Lana to take whatever she wants, but she says she only wants him to know her name. He still doesn’t recognize her so she says, “I was a sixteen-year-old little girl the last time you saw me, I’m all grown up now. Want to play?” Those three words trigger his memory and he says, “No. No. You look nothing like her. She died,” Lana tells him she survived and says he took three turns on her, so he loses three pounds of flesh over the next three days. He tries to fight her but is too weak. “It’d be so easy to kill him right now. But death won’t come too soon. I don’t believe in mercy…He’ll beg and plead. He’ll pray to pass out. But he will feel it all. Just like we did.”

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