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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Risk Book Summary Part;3


The Risk is the first book in The Mindf*ck series, acclaimed by The New York Times Bestseller Adult Fantasy Pentalogy by S.T. Abby. The Risk is a book full of tension, emotion, and plot twists when you least expect it. This book will give you perspectives on different types of politics that happen in the world.


Lana wonders if she’s been stood up as she waits for Logan to arrive. She wonders why she called him and flirted with him. She believes that she wants to feel more woman than monster. She lived and others died. “[She] lived, yet [she] feel[s] dead,”. Before she lets her dark thoughts take over, Logan sits down and apologizes for being late. After they order, Logan asks why she agreed to meet him. Instead of answering, she asks what made him ask her out. He grins, knowing she is deflecting but answers that she’s been in his head and Lana agrees. They talk about each other’s work and family. Logan asks about Lana’s parents and she partially lies and says they died in a car accident. Before Lana can ask about his parents, he gets a phone call and has to leave. He apologizes and says he’ll call her later. As Lana sits back down, she wonders how murdering people is easier than dating.

While Lana is setting up cameras in Tyler’s house, she gets a text from Logan saying he’ll take her out to dinner and asks if she wants to meet in town today. She finishes setting up the final camera in the doorway, glad that there is no security system in place. Only one of her targets has a security system in their home, but Jake will handle it. “Jake is a true best friend. How many people do you walk up to, tell them you want revenge, tell them your plan, and then they start helping you keep from getting caught?”. She grabs her phone and replies to Logan saying she’s at a trade review and will be back tomorrow. After she sends the text, she walks around the house noticing if there are any creaks in the floor or any possible problems. Logan texts back and says he’ll be out of town on another case, “People just can’t seem to stop killing other people,”. Lana laughs at the irony and asks if he has even killed someone. He replies that he has many times because the perp doesn’t always end up in jail. Then he asks if it bothers her, but she says that she’s sure he had to do it or he wouldn’t have done it at all. However, she knows that “Sometimes people don’t find justice. Sometimes they have to take it,”.


“Want to play, Victoria? You know you do.” She can feel Ben’s breath against her face and slams her knee into his side. Ben curses and yells at Tyler to hold her down. She hears a scream behind her, but she refuses to let them hear her scream. “You scream pretty,” Kyle says from somewhere behind her, but can’t see him or what he’s doing. She doesn’t even want to see what he’s doing, she doesn’t even want to see what they’re doing to her. 


Those memories used to make Lana cry for hours, now they just fuel her revenge. She enters the last bedroom and notices that the room is soundproof with large padding that is meant for musicians. They are guitars lined up on the wall, nice and shiny, just like his life, just like all of them, and she can’t wait to paint it red.

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