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Becky G
Becky G
April 15, 2024

The Risk Book Summary Part;2


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The Risk is the first book in The Mindf*ck series, acclaimed by The New York Times Bestseller Adult Fantasy Pentalogy by S.T. Abby. The Risk is a book full of tension, emotion, and plot twists when you least expect it. This book will give you perspectives on different types of politics that happen in the world.


The pictures show blood smeared across the walls with a paintbrush just like the other four cases he and his team have managed to string together. Logan asks Elise, one of his team members, what the M.E. learned about Ben Harris. Elise says the M.E. estimated that he was tortured for three days and parts of him had been cut off, including his penis and all of his fingers. Parts of Harris’s chest had been cut out but the unsub stopped the bleeding each time to keep him alive for three days. Elise adds that all of the victims had isolated homes too far away for anyone to hear anything. Craig, who talks to the media about the cases, suggests that the unsub could be a woman because “Only a woman could handle cutting off a man’s junk”. However, women serial killers statistically don’t torture and are harder to track down. Logan’s team thinks that the killer is gay because of the body parts cut off.

Elise points out “Footprints are a size twelve man’s shoe made in the dirt on the way to the house. The footprint is solid from heel to toe. Our field expert says that the unsub weighs between two-ten and two-fifteen… He’d have to be physically fit to be able to overpower these men the way the unsub has. And very built, most likely. The unsub is overpowering them with sheer brute force,”. All the men found have been physically fit and strong but were all easily overpowered. The only connection they can find between the victims is they all grew up in the same town. Logan says the town has a population of 500 and is a very religious town. Craig says a religious town could be very difficult for a gay person if he grew up there. Logan continues to look over the facts. None of the homes appear to be broken into with no personal items missing and there is a month between each kill. 

Eventually, Elise, Leonard, Craig, and Logan go home after being at the office all day. Logan’s phone rings as he walks out the door. 

“Bennett here,” he answers.

“You use your last name when answering your phone, as though the person on the other line might not know whom they’ve just dialed. It’s a very impersonal greeting, which makes me wonder if you also struggle with detachment issues, Agent Bennett,” Lana says. Logan immediately smiles and talks about both of their days. Lana explains that she runs an online buy, sell, and trade store. Her friend runs the online portion of the website and she goes and makes the trades and buys. Logan asks what the weirdest trade she had to do, but Lana says he has to say his strangest case first. 

He explains that a college student would break into girl’s dorms and steal their underwear to give to his grandmother for Christmas because she always claimed that she didn’t have enough. They continue to talk for the next thirty minutes and decide to have breakfast tomorrow morning. After Logan hangs up, he texts Hadley to search for a criminal background on Lana, Hadley says that Lana is clean. He puts his phone away, smiling, and dreams about seeing Lana tomorrow morning.

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