Rules and Regulations of the Game: Hockey

Rules and Regulations of the Game: Hockey

Jacob Kolb, Sports Editor

In Hockey, there is an objective, strategy, and terminology. Any positive or negative plays can hurt or help your teams chance of winning or losing. The following paragraphs will show you how these factors can apply in Hockey.


In Hockey, the goal is to get the puck in the goal as much as you can. When the puck is in your team’s possession, pass the puck or find a spot in the goal that the goalie (guarding the goal) isn’t protecting as much and try to make the puck move in that direction. To win, score the most goals in a 60 minute time period. If you lose the possession of the puck, the opposing team will have the puck so steal that puck back and be ready to play defense. Now that we know this, here is some strategy to win a Hockey game.


Strategy is an important factor in Hockey, as well as any other sport. Here are ideas to keep in mind during the game in which you are playing.

Keep The Puck Close To Your Stick: When you have possession of the puck, don’t get it far away from your stick because the other team may gain possession. The exceptions to this rule is if you are passing the puck to another teammate or you are trying to get a goal.

Aim: Aim is crucial to Hockey. one wrong tweak in your shot could lead to a missed chance to score a puck in the goal.

Strength: Strength is something you should vary depending on the length and direction of your shot.

Balance: Balance is very important in hockey. While playing Hockey, you are on thick ice with ice skates. To keep your feet under you point your feet inward towards each other so you don’t fall. If you fall, get back up quick or someone might unintentionally run over you which may result in injury. To avoid injury, go into the barriers that surround the court forearm, or leg first. At all costs, DON’T GO HEAD FIRST.


Terminology is something that is very often used during Hockey. Here is terminology on the sport Hockey:

Puck: The puck is a black circle that you are trying to get in the goal.

Goal: The goal is what you must get the puck into to score a point for your team.

Shootout: This is the form of overtime when two teams are tied at the end of regulation.

Penalty Shot: A penalty shot is when someone on defense commits an illegal move on your person while having the possession of the puck. When you take the penalty shot the only person that is allowed to block your shot is the goalkeeper. Be careful on how you decide to shoot the puck, you only get one chance.

Intermissions: An intermission is taken twice during a hockey game. Each intermission is 17 minutes long. Intermissions are used when commercials need to be shown to support NHL costs to show the game on TV, and when one team decides it is a good idea to take a timeout.

These are objectives, strategy, and terminology to keep in mind during Hockey.