Talyeh Galvez and Her Journey to Become an Instagram Beauty Guru


Brisa Aguilar, Writer

Who is Talyeh?

Talyeh Galvez is just a normal freshman that goes to Forest Grove High School. Besides school, she is striving to become a famous Instagram beauty guru by uploading videos of her doing makeup tutorials on Instagram. She is self-taught and is now making it big!


Why makeup?

I asked Talyeh why she chose makeup and this is what she said, “The reason why I got into makeup was because I was a dama (girl dancer for a quinceanera) in a 15 and we all needed to wear some makeup. I fell in love with what I was doing so I continued to watch videos and videos of makeup. I finally got my first Morphe X Jaclyn vault collection bling boss.” Before she did makeup she was also into art and still is.


When did it all start?

The whole makeup thing started on November 11, 2018. She was getting really into it. She has been practicing so she can get better and become a professional makeup guru.


Is it a career choice..?

I asked Talyeh if she wanted makeup to be her career choice for her future and she responded by saying “ Well honestly I don’t know what my choice for the future would be or will be because I’m not focused on that right now. I really like this but who knows how I’m going to feel in a few years.”


What fascinates Talyeh?

What Talyeh stated in her words she said that she doesn’t know. She likes doing it for fun and she likes expressing herself in new ways and she is happy doing what she loves.


How does she get inspired?

Talyeh has a very imaginative mind so when she’s doing her videos, she always knows how to use it. I spoke with Talyeh about how she sometimes gets inspired by her makeup looks and this is what she told me “Well honestly I see things in a different perspective. I never really have a plan when I’m going to start a video I turn on the camera and an image pops into my head. It may not be the same as my head because of how I imagine it but I make it work and I think about complementary colors that go with the look” she really likes to go in depth on how she chooses her makeup looks.


How does makeup make you feel?

Makeup is different for everyone. You may like the way it looks on you or you may prefer the natural look but let’s take a look at how it makes Talyeh feel. “Makeup doesn’t make me feel any special. I don’t wear it to make me feel pretty I do it for the art for fun. I never wear makeup all day because it’s honestly uncomfortable and makes my face feel weird but I love creating new looks so when I’m done creating I take pictures and take it off. doing it makes me feel accomplished and proud of myself” is what Talyeh told me. She has a very open mind about trying new experiments with new looks and how they go well with other colors.


Well, there’s all the info I can give out for right now. If you would like to see more of Talyeh then visit her Instagram page where she posts daily makeup looks and sometimes facemasks!

Her Instagram is @taliyah.xo