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New York City In Constant Repairs Due To Marvel Movies

Thong Nguyen, Writer November 14, 2019

Marvel Movies; so incredibly over-exaggerated and dramatic that Shakespeare might as well come back from the grave to recite all of his plays at once. The Avengers debut in 2012 and ever since New York...

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Will Your HP DeskJet 2630 Wireless All-in-One Printer Become Sentient? Scientists Say Yes

Thong Nguyen, Feature and Opinion Editor October 13, 2019

A regular hard-working man, woman, or student would be required to always have an equally hard-working co-worker. Often it is the printer. A staple in office equipment or a school’s library and runs...

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Why Flex Tape Will Replace Kevlar Body Armor

Thong Nguyen, Writer June 7, 2019

In a modern world with modern technology, a nation must transition from decrepit and outdated styles into more efficient means of warfare. From steel swords to roaring gunpowder, chariots to armored vehicles,...

The Leek: Top 5 Ways to Get a Heat Stroke During Summer Vacation

The Leek: Top 5 Ways to Get a Heat Stroke During Summer Vacation

Thong Nyugen, Writer May 17, 2019

  School is almost out with barely a month left, so we here at The Advocate wanted to help our community get heat strokes during this summer vacation and, for our senior students, we would like...

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The Leek: Spaghetti, Spaghetti, I Can’t Come Up With a Rhyme for Spaghetti…

Thong Nyugen, Writer May 1, 2019

Ever had Tupperware spaghetti? The feeling of utter disgust when it’s been in the fridge for a couple of days and you gotta heat it back up, only for the spaghetti to be sub-par. It’s a disgrace for...

The Leek: Man Drowns on Airplane After Pilots Did a Sick Barrel Roll

The Leek: Man Drowns on Airplane After Pilots Did a “Sick Barrel Roll”

Thong Nguyen, Writer April 14, 2019

Last month on the 25th, a United Airlines flight numbered 122 crashed off the coast of New Jersey after it was reportedly steered off course and almost slamming into another building. The Coast Guard was...

The Leek: Samsung Ethernet Cable

The Leek: Samsung Ethernet Cable

Jack Weston, Writer February 13, 2019

 In a spark of innovation, Samsung has started the renaissance of technology, Ethernet Galaxy S2! The EGS2 has a portable charger for on the go so you can bring the EGS2 experience wherever you go. This...

The Leek Music Review: Captain Beefheart’s “Frownland”

The Leek Music Review: Captain Beefheart’s “Frownland”

Thong Nguyen, Writer February 13, 2019

“Frownland” was created by the legendary Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band in 1969. It’s a song out of time, the perfection of the musical structure and the incredible usage of unorthodox instruments...


The Leek: Congress Panics After They Accidently Legalize Murder

Thong Nguyen, Writer January 23, 2019

January 7th, The Capitol Building. Janitor Will Kiss Booth was cleaning the drab and empty Lower Chamber; dusting the picture of Vince Offer and throwing away the 863 bottles of dubious origin only found...

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“Tired of Walking? Try Running” Says China

Thong Nguyen, Writer December 24, 2018

Scientists from China have announced a new invention sparked by scientific research that could shape the future as we know it, and could potentially put China as the world’s second world power; running....

The Leek: The Secret Lives of Horror Movie Killers

Jack Weston, Writer October 31, 2018

  You all know the famous Halloween killers. Jason, Michael Myers, Pennywise etcetera. But what you may not know is that they all lead secret, surprisingly, normal lives.   Pennywise ...

Bob Ross Not Serene?

Jack Weston, Writer October 9, 2018

  The famous Bob Ross died July 4th, 1995. He was the face of serenity and peace and loved by millions. But we have recently found some shocking news. Bob Ross may not be who he is shown to be... Cleaning...

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