Beauty Guru Profiles: Charlie Short

Special effects makeup has evolved throughout the years. It started out as simple skeletons, pumpkins, and witches. Now special effects makeup has become more complex, with the creation of new and more gruesome characters. Charlie Short has helped the evolution of special effects makeup.

About Charlie

Charlie Short was born on August 2, 1989, in Rochford Essex, England. Charlie has no siblings, instead, he has two cats named Cosmo and Saffy.

Charlie’s career before fame…

Before Charlie started his youtube channel, he studied hairdressing and cosmetic makeup at a basic level when he was 17 years old. When he was 18, he started to do a theatrical makeup course in order to get a 2-year national diploma. After the 2 years of theatrical makeup, he took another course on special effects and theatrical makeup for his degree. Once he got that practice, he created his YouTube channel on August 24, 2006.


About his YouTube channel…

Charlie Short otherwise known as PinkStylist has grown over the years with 2,508,358 million subscribers. His YouTube channel consists of Halloween special effects makeup tutorials. Charlie’s YouTube channel is mainly scary Halloween makeup tutorials but he does have some other youtube videos such as Q & A’s, challenge videos, omegle videos, would you rather videos and much more! If you would like to know how to do scary or goofy makeup