Rules And Regulations of The Game: Bowling

Rules And Regulations of The Game: Bowling

Jacob Kolb, Sports Editor

In Bowling, there is an objective, strategy, and terminology. Any positive or negative plays can hurt or help your chances of winning or losing. The following paragraphs will show you how these factors can apply in Bowling.




In Bowling, the goal is to get the most pins down in the frame. In each frame, you and your opponent have two throws at most to knock the pins down per frame while trying to get as many points as possible.  To win, knock down the most pins within ten frames. To end your turn throw twice with remaining pins, or knock them down in one throw. Now that we know this, here is some strategy to win a Bowling game.




Strategy is an important factor in Bowling, as well as any other sport. Here are ideas to keep in mind during the frame in which you are playing.


Gutter Ball: In the frame you are playing, watch the gutter lanes they are really bad and will give you an automatic zero points for your throw.


Aim: The biggest factor of the game is aim. Depending on where you throw the ball will affect your point score.


Strength: The more strong you are, the faster your ball moves, the faster your ball moves the harder it hits your pins, the harder your pins are hit, the likelier it is they will hit more pins resulting in more points on that throw.


Reasonable Ball Weight: Your bowling ball can be anywhere between six and sixteen pounds. To know which bowling ball you should get, take the weight you are and divide it by eleven. Then, take away a pound from that answer. For example, I’m 133 pounds. I’m going to now divide 133 by eleven. Not including anything after the decimal, that answer is twelve. Now, I’m going to minus a pound off that answer making the new answer eleven. Therefore essentially, I should use an eleven-pound ball.




Terminology is something that is very often used during Bowling. It can help you understand your point amount and the result of your turn. Here is terminology on the sport Bowling:


Strike: A strike is the best score you can get in bowling. A strike results in ten points and can reward you even more points on your next turn in the next frame.


Double Strike: This happens when a player throws two strikes in a row. If, for example, you get a strike on frames 2 and 3, it is a double strike, however, if you throw a strike on frames 4 and 8, it is not a double strike and each throw is its own strike.


Turkey: If you thought getting two strikes in a row was insane, this will blow your mind. A turkey is when three strikes are picked up in a row.


Spare: Rewards you with ten points, however, this is not the same as a strike. A strike rewards ten points in one throw, meanwhile a spare rewards you ten points in two throws and doesn’t affect your points the next turn.


Split: This is when you have two pins left and the two pins are on opposite sides of the lane.


Perfect Game: This is very rare but this happens if you get a strike every time you throw the ball. (Jeff Carter currently has the most perfect bowling games with 112 games played perfectly).


Curve Ball: This is when you give the ball a little spin so it goes towards the gutter, but not in the gutter.


These are objectives, strategy, and terminology to keep in mind during bowling.