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Meme of the Week: Chonk/Oh Lawd He Comin’

Kailey Buttram, Writer June 7, 2019

The term “chonk” is internet slang used to describe an overweight cat or a cat that is “chunky”. It has become increasingly popular to call cats by this offensive name, springing from a chart of...

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Meme of the Week: Unsettled Tom

Kailey Buttram, Writer May 17, 2019

Unsettled Tom, often referred to as Traumatized Tom or Concerned Tom, is a meme created from 1940 childhood cartoon Tom and Jerry where the tomcat has an expression of concern or confusion. Though it is...

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Meme of the Week: Moto Moto

Kailey Buttram, Writer April 15, 2019

A popular new meme called “Moto Moto” or “Moto Moto Likes You” has taken over the internet recently, being reposted to every social media site there is. Originating from 2008 childhood favorite,...

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Meme of the Week: Ultra Instinct Shaggy

Kailey Buttram, Writer March 19, 2019

Ultra Instinct Shaggy is a meme that has become an internet sensation over the past few months, leaving social media goers unable to stop sharing and reposting it all over social networking sites. The...

Meme of the Week: AirPods

Meme of the Week: AirPods

Kailey Buttram, Writer February 13, 2019

AirPod Flexing or AirPods themselves have become a huge meme over the past few months, the internet losing their mind over Apple’s new accessory. Though the devices were released back in 2016 when the...


Meme of the Week: Big Chungus

Kailey Buttram, Writer January 23, 2019

Big Chungus is a meme that has completely exploded and taken over the internet. It originates from Reddit, where a clip of Bugs Bunny was distorted to make him look fat. It was then edited onto a PlayStation...

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Meme of the Week #5: Elf on a Shelf

Kailey Buttram, Writer December 24, 2018

The Elf on a Shelf meme refers to a play on words where two words that rhyme are formed into the sentence “you’ve heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for…” with a photo of two things that...

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Meme of the Week #4: Petty Victoria Justice

Kailey Buttram, Writer December 11, 2018

Petty Victoria Justice is a meme that comes from an old interview of the cast of Victorious, a teen show on Nickelodeon, where the interviewer asks the crew who sings the most, all of the cast members...

Meme of the Week #3

Meme of the Week #3

Kailey Buttram, Writer November 16, 2018

Soft memes, also known as emoji heart memes, is a form of meme that usually contains a character and a large grouping of emoji hearts around it, occasionally with affectionate text. It is unclear what...

Meme of the Week: Bongo Cat

Kailey Buttram, Writer October 31, 2018

Bongo cat, a popular meme of an animated cat tapping its paws on a table has taken the internet by storm. Many meme creators have been making their own versions of the cat tapping to different songs....

Is This a Pigeon?

Is This a Pigeon?

Kailey Buttram, Writer September 24, 2018

Meme of the Week is a series used to explain and dive further into the meme itself. Each week, a new meme will be chosen to be examined and explained. The meme of the week today is “is this a pigeon?”,...

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