Meme of the Week #4: Petty Victoria Justice


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Kailey Buttram, Writer

Petty Victoria Justice is a meme that comes from an old interview of the cast of Victorious, a teen show on Nickelodeon, where the interviewer asks the crew who sings the most, all of the cast members agree that Ariana Grande is without a doubt the most musical. Victoria Justice interrupts the others and says, “I think we all sing”, throwing shade at Ariana. This clip recently resurfaced and threw the internet into a frenzy, memers all over the world hopping on the bandwagon of creating their own versions of the meme.

The video originates from an interview of the cast members of the show, but it was never turned into a meme until Twitter got involved. A Twitter user called @sidetoslut posted an edited clip of the interview where Victoria’s voice is loudly projected, saying “I think we ALL sing”, where it exploded with popularity, gaining almost 65,000 retweets.

Social media goers created their own versions of the meme, taking a screenshot from the clip and putting their own petty captions over top of it. For example, there’s a version captioning “me: black lives matter  victoria justice: i think ALL lives matter” with a snapshot from the video. Thousands of variations of the meme have been and are still being created by people all over the world, still taking the internet by storm.

Another interview of the Victorious cast surfaced, where the interviewer is asking who is most likely to break out into song and dance. Yet again, the cast agrees that Ariana Grande is the most likely, and again, when it’s Victoria’s turn to answer the question, she responds, “I think we all sing”. This sent the internet over the edge, skyrocketing the meme once again. It’s unclear where the second video surfaced from and how it gained popularity, but it was greatly appreciated and loved by meme creators all over social media.

This also led to some online bullying to Victoria Justice, people of Twitter tweeting it to the star and making fun of her, but she’s given it no feedback and no acknowledgment. Which, honestly, is probably the best choice for her, considering the ways of the internet.