Oh Beautiful Light- A Poem

Oh Beautiful Light- A Poem

Ava Rapport




Oh beautiful light.


 I can see it 


shining brilliantly through the window


 a quaint little lamp 


sitting on an ancient nightstand. 


It used to be black 


but has now faded to 


a pale cinnamon brown,


 and it’s sitting on the other side of the room 


next to the creaking rocking chair 


with an old woman quietly reading. 


The aged nightstand taunts me 


as I desperately scutter 


into the corners of the window, 


trying to find a way inside 


the tantalizing room


and all of its beautiful, endless 




The light knows no hate


it only showers us all


with its undying




The light does not know


the passing of time,


like the ancient nightstand,


faded and scratched,


or the fallen leaves around,


signaling growth’s end


and the time for




I must embrace the light.


I must be one with the light,


but it is locked away.


We do not deserve it after all.


I notice something. 


The window is not closed all the way, 


and I have an opening. 


I fly inside the room, 


which is cozy and safe,


like being curled up 


inside a cocoon. 


The air becomes warmer and brighter 


as I travel closer 


to the shining source of my obsession. 


I am close enough to see


the fine details of the lampshade, 


the golden swirls against the 


delicate white cloth. 


My vision grows brighter, 


I am shocked by the beauty 


of this wonderful light. 


I must go closer. 




Painful heat! 




Why has the light betrayed me, 


when I have only returned its love? 


I lay on the floor, 


twitching, unable to move


 in my pain. 


The world is growing dark, 


and my beautiful light is fading. 


Soon, it is all gone, 


and everything has gone empty. 


Goodbye, my light, 


Oh beautiful light.