Painting of the Week The Great Wave of Kanagawa


Image via The Met

Litzy Gonzlaez Rosas, Writer

The Great Wave of Kanagawa or simply wave is a popular  woodblock and traditional painting that was made by Katsushika Hokusai in 1831. This painting is a paint series, it’s not just a painting.It’s the first piece in Thirty”six views of Mount Fuji and it also takes place in Sagami Bay. The meaning behind this painting is to symbolize the meaning of nature being strong or also mobilized as tsunamis, hurricanes, and plane crashes into the sea. One thing that makes the painting so famous is its beautiful colors and it’s also an eye-catching painting as well and it continues to be more famous as people look at it worldwide. It may look like it’s going to destroy the people with boats,”but the more you look at it,”the more beautiful it looks. When this painting got famous it inspired many artists and got more famous as more people saw it in Europe and America.  

Hokusai loved Mount Fuji so much that he put it in every painting he made. As you can see,”this painting is a dramatic scene as the big waves are going to crush the tiny boats. Back then,” art historians didn’t see this painting as real art and denied it,”but things have changed. Today you can see the painting in many art museums all over the world and if you wanna buy one it costs a lot of money to buy the painting.