Winter Looks

Well, you’ve heard it, folks! People are officially in the Christmas spirit and no one can say anything because Halloween is over! I have the 4  top Christmas makeup looks and the YouTubers who created the looks.


  1. Christmas parties or any parties

This is a dramatic, light, smokey eye look. This is great for Christmas parties to show everyone that you rock this look!


YouTuber: Nikki Tutorials

Video link for this look:  

  1. School

This look is very natural for people who don’t want a lot of makeup on their face but they want to look nice.

Youtuber: Jessica Clements

Video link to this look:


  1. Date nights

This easy but light smokey eye look is very beautiful and is a good look to go with any dress.


Stephanie Lange

Video link to this look:


  1. Dinners

This dewy, glowy, Christmas or everyday look is great for dinner because it makes you look super nice without having to put a lot of effort.

YouTuber: Jessica Vu

Video link for this look:


Well, there you have it! The top 4 Christmas looks for 4 special events! If there are any other events and makeup looks for the event you should definitely comment down below and give me your opinions on it.