Fashion Trends Now: Staying Warm

Now we can finally say that fall is here. It’s the time to find your sweaters and just be comfy. And of course, we need to mention the official colors of fall: maroon and brown. Keep those in mind while choosing your awesome fall outfits!


Now that is officially cold and raining, you want to keep a jacket with you. This year there are two jacket styles that stand out:


Puffer jacket.

The puffer jacket is the jacket you want to have this year. It will make sure you’re not cold but it’s not too warm either. They come in all colors and the best part is that it is the most comfortable thing ever. It’s just puffy and warm, altogether.


Another popular jacket this year is, of course, the timeless jean jacket. Of course, it’s not as warm as a puffer jacket so make sure to wear sweatshirt or hoodie under it and you are good to go.


Additionally, style your outfit with a beanie. They are super trendy this year (more like every year) and they keep you warm. We all have those days when you just don’t want to get up but we all know you have to. You can throw on your hoodie and beanie and just hide from everyone. It’s okay to have those kinds of days every once in a while. Or if you’re having a bad hair day, the beanie is a solution for that.


And it’s also time to find your ankle booties, high cut boots and just all your fall and winter shoes. Here comes a great tip for all the lazy girls: wear some high boots and an oversized sweater (or anything oversized). The point of this is that you can basically wear your pajama pants because no one is going to see your pants. Been there, done that.


It’s also a flannel season. You can throw your flannel over almost every outfit so don’t miss the chance!