College vs Studying Abroad


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Grace Hertel, Writer

College and study abroad have many similarities and differences. In this article, we will talk about the difference and similarities between college and studying abroad. This article is not meant to be an advertisement for college or studying abroad it just facts that you might need to know if you are making this hard choice. Many people might think they are not very different, that the only difference is your just in a different country if you study abroad, but believe it or not, there are a lot of differences. 

There is a lot of similarities between the two options. You get a degree in both college and studying abroad unless you only study abroad for a year, then the grades from that year go towards your degree. In both, you get to make lifelong friends. You get to explore new things at college and studying abroad. You are pretty much on your own at college and while studying abroad, so you have to learn to be independent during both experiences. You have to contact your family from electronics for both unless you are living at home while going to college. No matter which course you go they are both going to cost you a lot of money. College and studying abroad have similarities, but they also have differences. 

The many differences between college and studying abroad. First of all, while studying abroad you get to learn a whole new language and culture. You meet new people that haven’t grown up in the same country as you. You have a better chance of coming home for the holidays though if you go to college. The average amount of money for one year of a study abroad is about $15,000 for a year, which does not include food or housing, which according to EF education, about doubles the school fees. College is about $20,000 overall for a year which is about $10,000 less than studying abroad. If you stay abroad to work, you will work more as a person to help teach English or be an international aid. You won’t become a doctor or scientist most likely. If you go to college and stay in your home country, you have a lot more diverse career opportunities. If you go to college the money it takes to come home and visit your family and friends will be less than if you studied abroad. Don’t forget that studying abroad and college have their differences and their similarities.

The differences and similarities between college and studying abroad are big. The similarities include getting a degree in each. You are independent no matter where you go. There are also many differences. Including how college takes less money than studying abroad. You get to experience a new culture and learn a new language. You also have the right to brag that you went traveling to another country. However, it’s easier to travel home and back if you went to college Don’t forget that these are just facts that are not meant to persuade you any certain way. The decision is all up to you as it should be.