Meme of the Week: Bongo Cat

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Bongo cat, a popular meme of an animated cat tapping its paws on a table has taken the internet by storm. Many meme creators have been making their own versions of the cat tapping to different songs.

The meme originates from Twitter, where one Twitter user replied to @strayrogue’s tweet of the animated cat slapping a table and added music from Super Mario World over top of it. This gained attention from other twitter fanatics. Since May of 2018, the meme has had an ongoing impact on the internet and many social media platforms.

Versions of the short video clips range from dancing to popular songs, becoming different characters from TV shows, tapping along to nostalgic jams, and mashups of other memes all into one. The most popular variations are meme mashups, especially songs that have a meme tied to them or have become one themselves.

Throughout the internet, bongo cat has spread to nearly every type of social media, leaving its permanent mark on internet users and the web itself. Bongo cat is definitely nearing the top in memes of 2018, and hopefully, he is here to stay.