Sophomore Year Reflection

Ava Rapport, Editor

Image via Gales Creek Journal

By: Ava Rapport

As a freshman, my goal was to survive. During my sophomore year, I thrived. I feel like such a different person since my high school career began, and this one short year has changed me so much. I started thinking about my future and taking more rigorous classes, and I blossomed under pressure and hardship.

My sophomore year was much different than my first year of high school. For starters, I took my first AP course along with two honors classes. I found my more challenging classes to be the most interesting. I enjoyed coming home from school every day having learned something new like we would in elementary school. I worked hard and achieved straight As again this year, and I am very proud, but my grade is not the most important thing I took from these difficult classes. This year truly unlocked my love for learning. I hope to facilitate it further in my junior year, where I plan on taking four AP classes. Wish me luck.

The highlight of my year was being promoted to an editor of the newspaper. Only being a second-year, I never expected it, but Ms. Nelson thought I was ready. I think she was right. I love getting to know the writers in my group and being able to teach them. I would like to think that we’ve even become friends over this year. My group members have also taught me many new things, and I’ve found it to be a wonderful experience. I look forward to editing the paper again next year and doing it all again!

This year I learned a lot not only about school subjects but about myself. I stopped acting in the school plays this year because while I did enjoy it, the commitment was simply too exhausting. Instead, I worked for my mom after school every week. I went through phases of exploring potential career pathways. I tried out the creative writing and the poetry clubs before concluding that they just weren’t for me. I imagine that I will explore many different paths by the time I graduate.

However, my sophomore year was not all fun and rainbows. I didn’t have lunch with my core friends on either day, and it was hard to adjust. I did end up making new friends and having a fun time with them, but I felt lonely for a long time. I also struggled with anxiety greatly this year. Some of my classes are very stressful, especially the ones with a higher course load. I managed it with the support of my parents and friends, but I still have trouble with my self-confidence. I’m optimistic that I will grow into myself further as time goes on.

I’m excited for junior year. I’ll start driving, have a free period, and have a lot more freedom. I hope to continue learning more about the world and myself. I’m also nervous. My schedule will be a lot more difficult next year and I will have more responsibilities. I will also have to start applying for scholarships and colleges, which is terrifying. Every teenager goes through this, so I know that I’m not alone. I’m interested in what is to come.