Fall Clo- Oh Wait It’s Still Warm

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Fall is here! It means we all can wear warm sweaters and drink Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. Well, maybe not yet because the weather decided to surprise us and be really warm in the past week.

That means we have still time to rock our summer clothes.

If pastel colors were the hottest thing in summer, maroon and brown are the official colors of fall. BUT because the weather surprised us, so let’s not talk about all of these yet.

Even though the days are warm, the mornings are not. So this gives you the opportunity to wear jackets and other cardigans. And let’s be real it’s sometimes freezing in school so you are most likely to need one of those in school.

This year leather jackets and jean jackets are extra trendy. Jean jackets vary in different colors, cuts, and styles, so look around for what fits you. White and black jackets have been on most of the must-have lists. And here’s the reason why: they match with everything.

Last time we got some feedback that this article was all about women clothes and styles so let’s fix that. Boys, here we go.

Matching plain shirts or hoodies with jean jackets always work, with black jeans or comfy khaki pants. This makes a super easy and super trendy outfit. You can easily change it with different colored shirts or shoes.

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Also, striped shirts have been seen in the streets of New York. If you think they are too “wild” and colorful for you, just try black and white stripes and see how you feel about other colors. The most important part about the stripes is that they are super easy to match with jeans and it always looks good.

If you want to develop your style, first of all, you need to find a style that you really like. Reading blogs and magazines is an amazing way to get started. Being trendy doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive clothes. Not at all. You can turn your old and worn out shirts into an awesome and unique new masterpiece, by following videos and articles that you can find online. No one will know that your “new” shirt is actually this old and ugly shirt from 6th grade. It’s called DIY (do it yourself). You could even say that’s the new trend.