Cafe Terrace at Night


Image via Van Gogh Studio

Litzy Gonzlaez Rosas, Writer

This painting is called Cafe Terrace at Night. This was made by the famous artist Vicent Van Gogh. He made this painting in September of 1888 it took him only a few days to finish this painting. Van Gogh was in Arles, France when he made this painting and that’s where he lived as well. Behind this painting, he wanted to draw backgrounds, as shown with his starry backgrounds, so it goes with his series of paintings and it’s called post-impressionism. This painting is not signed by him, no one really knows why Van Gogh didn’t sign his work. He wrote to his sister about the painting and how he enjoyed painting it. When doing this painting, he wanted to make it pop up so he used warm colors to make it pop up when looking at it. The original painting is in the Kröller-Müllerller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands, so to buy the painting it could cost up to 200 million, or even more! You can also stand where he drew the painting in Arles, France. So many people go there and stand and see the place in real life.