Whitehaven Beach



Image via Travel Daily Media

Zanderlynn Almendra, Writer

What is the best beach in the world? This question is hard for someone to answer because there are 628 known beaches in the world. So, the exact answer to that question? The answer is it’s up to someone’s opinion, everyone has their own expectations of what a beach should have and shouldn’t have. Although there is no exact answer to that question, there are definitely some beaches that are on top of the list. One of those beaches is Whitehaven Beach. 

Whitehaven Beach is located on Whitsunday Island, Australia. The only way to be able to get to this beach is by going on a boat. Unfortunately, you are not able to visit this beach by yourself. You can only visit the beach for the day with an organized tour. Although it’s unfortunate to only be able to visit the beach through an organized tour, the tour gives an opportunity to meet new people. Although someone must visit through a tour, people are able to camp for a night on the National campground on the beach.

Whitehaven beach was once known as Whispering Sands’‘ which was named by a local Ngaro Indigenous Tribe but was renamed Whitehaven Beach later on. The beach was named “Whitehaven” because of the noise the sand makes when you walk on it.  So, staff commander EP Bedwell, in 1879, decided that the beach should be named “Whitehaven Beach.” The sand at Whitehaven Beach is made from 98.9% pure silica and it is this silica that gives the sand its unique white color. It also gives the sand a nice fine powdery grain.

Whitehaven Beach is a great place to bring your jewelry to. This is because the Silica sand is great for polishing your jewelry. The sand will polish and make your jewelry look new and as beautiful as it can be, making the beach a wonderful place to bring your jewelry. The sand makes people’s rings look the best. So although it’s a wonderful place to bring all your jewelry, it’s an even better place to bring your rings to.

Whitehaven Beach is named one of the best beaches in the world. Over 75,000 people visit this beach a year. Whitehaven is so amazing and known for its smooth white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. Not only is it a really beautiful and wonderful beach, but it’s also a great place to travel to. Whitehaven Beach makes a great adventure that families can go on together. Although no one can ever just pick one beach to love the most, Whitehaven Beach will and always is going to be on the top of that list. Whitehaven Beach is a beach that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime because it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the Whitsunday Islands. Once you step foot on this beach you will never want to leave. Whitehaven Beach feels like a paradise.