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Letter to Newcomers
June 13, 2024
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Advice for Freshmen
June 12, 2024
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Advice to Freshmen
June 12, 2024

Advice for Freshmen

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High school is 4 years that won’t prepare you for much, only how to be social or pursue solitary confinement if you choose that path. Other than that, you have to figure yourself out and hope your GPA is good enough for whatever path you want. So, here is my best advice for whoever you may be.


-I know everyone will pester you about joining a club and yadda yadda but it’s honestly a pretty solid idea because I joined poetry club in my freshman year and I don’t regret it cause I became friends with my friend crush and it opened my eyes that making friends isn’t truly that hard. Just talk to people. If you are anti-social, become Instagram mutuals and work your way up from there. 


-If you’re going to skip class, don’t be stupid about it. Don’t mess up your life freshman year cause you wanted to sit on the bathroom floor for an hour and thirty minutes instead of sitting in class. Legally, don’t skip, but it’s a free country., If you’re gonna skip, at least fake a hall pass or something or get a counterfeit pink slip to walk around the halls. The hall monitors don’t check the passes if you look like you know what you’re doing. Don’t skip in the common bathroom, you’re better off walking around. Again, legally I’m saying do not skip because you shouldn’t mess up your life freshman year. 


-Remember to use MLA format and look up synonyms for words if you want to impress your English teacher. 


-Get some hobbies outside of school and get a punching bag because freshmen have drama like it’s nobody’s business.


-Do not talk behind people’s backs. If you have a problem, just be straight up or fight it out.


-Do not fight in school; bring it to Lincoln Park if it’s that serious.


-Do not microwave forks. 


-Go to bed at a reasonable time.


-Make schoolwork enjoyable. Make the Google slides look nice and add some personality.


-Try to make friends outside of school. Go to non-expensive concerts, flea markets, and events like races, and don’t be afraid of public transit.


-Take some writing classes like Journalism or Creative Writing because while it seems like a lot of work, you can truly express yourself.


-All the art teachers are flawed individuals, so beware if you don’t like people with power trips or passive-aggressive people.


-You are going to regret everything you do freshman year so just know it happens to the best of us. 


-Pack your own lunches if you can because school lunches will clog your guts and make your logs hard. 


-If you do take art, make friends with Miss Hullinger because she lets you use her fridge.


-Don’t be a little dingleberry, be nice to the teachers. If you must, be quiet and shut up because nothing is more embarrassing for you as a freshman than to be standing up acting all tough in front of a 50-year-old teacher in front of your whole period, even though sometimes it’s warranted. Respect your teachers, but don’t let it get in the way of questioning their authority.


-Don’t let clothes stress you out. I have seen and worn some atrocious outfits in my day but life goes on. Just wear what you want and what’s comfortable.


-Read Edward Abbey. 


-I swear on everything holy, do not walk slowly in the halls or I will flat tire you with my combat boots. You have been warned. 


-Don’t beat yourself up over what you want to be when you’re older because you have got some time, but still think about it. Adding to this, no matter what happens to your grades, the factories and the U.S. military will still take you. 


-8th grade was as bad as it gets, so no matter what happens, it’s probably not going to be like 8th grade again. 


-Do not do drugs, especially from Snapchat plugs.


-Do not stand in the hall.


-Do not be loud… loud doesn’t mean funny.


-Get a routine and stick to it.


-Eat breakfast and bring food in your bag.


-If you have an interest in a career, take a career pathway class. Try welding or woods because you never know.


-Don’t get pregnant. 


-Some classrooms are genuinely freezing so bring a jacket even in the summer. Don’t overestimate the budget on air conditioning, you will catch a cold. 


-The patties here are BOILED, the nachos smell like peanut butter and the pizza is edible. Always check the cold lunches because they sometimes have the yummiest hummus if that’s your thing.


High school is alright. Enjoy it because, after those 4 years, you will be in the workforce and paying bills. Surround yourself with people you like and be nice when it’s needed.

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Molly Graham is a sophomore whose interests include; ugly cars, welding, fireworks, punk shows, nature and boxing. I can play banjo and am in a band called civil disobedience.

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