Plaid Prints & Dad Shoes

Fashion. In the moment, we think what we’re wearing will be timeless, that anybody and everybody will love it. More often than not, previous styles come back in time. Let’s look at some of those trends brought back to the public eye.


Business Coats

    The 80s were notorious for their bold business coats, with their unnecessary shoulder pads and bold prints. This fad has been brought back -minus the shoulder pads and busy patterns- and is swarming our street style. These jackets are most commonly paired with some casual slacks and a simple sweater. A big, chunky scarf is seen with this item as well. Trust me- the warmer, the better.,216,1818,2182/720×864,80/1930357/image.jpg


The Iconic “Dad Shoes”

   Oh boy. It seems with this style, the uglier the better, and I’m LOVING it. Starting with the classic Adidas “Stan Smiths”, stores are now PACKED with different styles of this sneaker. People paying over $100 to get the perfect pair at high-end shops. Top models influence the way these are styled. Often paired casually, these shoes are rocked with dresses and skirts. Comfortability is key is taken to a whole new level.


Boot Cut Jeans

  I know, I know. Some of us wished this trend would have stayed in the early 2000s were it belonged. Hippie-chic is seemingly coming back in better than ever. High rise bootcut jeans are popping up all over the place. After their hiatus, people can’t seem to get enough of them. Usually, these show stoppers are worn with a simple shirt and some comfortable shoes. Let me make sure you hear me loud and clear: The pants can speak for themselves.×800/landscape-1464110350-1464102115-elle-bootcut-jeans-women.jpg?resize=480:*


Plaid Prints

Ah, the classic plaid print. You either love it or hate. I’m HERE for it. Any simple, plain jane outfit can be spunked up with a little bit of plaid. Plaid coats, pants, and even dresses are ROCKING the runway. Often in neutral tones, these pieces can be worn by anyone, no matter shape, and size. Can I hear a hallelujah?


From boot-cut jeans to Stan Smiths. Plaid prints to business coats, the trends brought back to life are living their best lives. Everyone around is constantly repping these trends, and adding their tribute to these long-living styles.