Beauty Guru Profile: Jeffree Star


Brisa Aguilar, Writer

In the beauty guru business, there’s always going to be that one clingy makeup artist from back when they were young and then suddenly glows up from nowhere. Well, that’s what happened to Jeffree Star.


About Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist on YouTube that had over 12 million subscribers and 10.3 million followers on Instagram. He’s really popular for his honest reviews of other famous people’s cosmetics, has challenged and his catchphrase “Hey guys welcome back to my channel! How are ya?”


Jeffree’s past…

Jeffree Star’s full name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger. He was born on November 15, 1985, and he was born in Huntington Beach, California. Before Jeffree Star got into his love for makeup, he was into DJ’ing, fashion design, and singing. In 2009, he released his album “Beauty Killer”. He has also appeared in music videos by Good Charlotte and has also been on multiple episodes of a TV show “LA Ink”.


Honest reviews? More like harsh reviews…

Jeffree Star’s most popular series are his “The Truth” series. He did a review on the Kylie Cosmetics Brush set and he wanted to be real honest about them. Kylie immediately removed him from her PR list because of the review he did which made him really mad. He went to twitter and tweeted “ I love when I speak the truth about a product and then I get removed Hahaha these companies really be scared of the truth getting to a huge audience.” He then continued with another tweet saying “ I’m in a unique position. Reviewing products for a living, as well as having a successful cosmetics company. I owned a brand before I even started my channel. Don’t let anyone get twisted. I will continue to give my 100% honest opinion, no matter what brands try to do.” This stirred Jeffree’s emotions up because he knew that when he does reviews on other brands or cosmetics, he will be super honest.


Jeffree’s own mistakes…

Back when Jeffree was 19, he said some pretty hurtful and racist things. While I couldn’t find any proof of the tweets I did find an apology stating what he had done. Jeffree tweeted “if ANYONE was offended by my words, I am sorry you ever had to hear me talk like that. It does not represent WHO I AM. It was WRONG and I already addressed it years and years ago on MySpace. It was put to rest but new people want to drag it up.” He knew what he did was wrong and he apologized for it. Many people took to Twitter saying that he doesn’t mean that or he is just trying to protect his career, etc. There were also some Jeffree stans that defended Jeffree by saying that he did apologize and what he said was not okay but he apologized and he never meant to hurt anyone. This started to become a twitter battle between the stans and the haters. After a while, everyone dropped it and they went on with their lives.


Jeffree Star is a very interesting person. Many people love him and many people hate him. What do you think about Jeffree Star?